Author's WARNING…Again:

This is a hentai series! And it's one of varying tastes and fetishes too. If thoughts of milky boobs, hermaphrodites, age-regression/progression, enemas that make women's bellies bulge, furry sex, or transgender transformations makes you squeamish, LEAVE and don't bitch to me…

Sexy Café

Fetish 2: "Unsheathed, the Female Sword."

Though Sexy Café is known for 'The Room' for premium services, it accommodates so much more for when average customers are plentiful. Thus was the case for the following week. Yaku and Fubuki hurriedly attended their young customers of girls and boys all in their mid teens to their early twenties. Sure, Sexy Café made the most profit from The Room, but it still raked in cash from serving typical café delights.

"Order up!" Yaku panted as she placed the tray of key lime pie slices and frothy espressos to her tenth table of customers. "Enjoy your treats," the ebony-haired waitress bowed, then scurried off to grab the next order of drinks and desserts.

"Still want more customers?" Fubuki smiled sarcastically as her co-worker entered the kitchen to prepare the green tea some high school girls had ordered.

"Shut up…" Yaku growled. "No one's asked for the premium services yet, so we need these customers for the moment…"

"Hey! Where's our green tea?" the high school girls yelled.

"Coming!" the waitress called back. "Still…It doesn't mean I like them…"

"Well," Fubuki said before she carried a tray of miniature apple pies out the kitchen. "Give it some more time. We'll get more customers for the premium services soon."

"Sure, soon…" she grumbled as she finished pouring the emerald colored drink. As she left the kitchen, however, the shock of two teen girls standing in front of the entrance forced the poor waitress to double back, spilling all the warm tea on herself. "Shit…." The black-haired server gritted her teeth, then forced a smile to ask. "May I help you two?"

"Um…" the short-haired girl of the duo blushed. "We…We were wondering about the premium services advertised out front…?"

A joyous smile smacked across Yaku's tea-splattered face as she hugged the two girls.

"Yes! Please, come with me to the front desk, ladies!" she cheered as she pulled the two to the front. "Okay, what can I do for you two today?" she asked a little too enthusiastically for both girls' tastes.

"Yeah," the longer-haired girl with tanner skin asserted. "Aoi and I were wondering if you guys really can deliver like the sign says. I mean, that's not just a marketing ploy, right?" she grinned smugly.

"Nope, not at all, miss," Yaku smiled happily. "Whatever your desire, we'll fulfill it. That's the Sexy Café guarantee."

"Oh really?" the long-haired girl chuckled. "So, you're telling me that you could make us into herms?" Her tone denoted an air of doubt and sarcasm, her friend blushing at the request.

"Sure thing. Is that all?"

"Wait," the dominant girl furrowed her brow as she glared at the waitress. "You're serious?"


"You mean that you can turn us both into futanari women? As in, actually possess dicks and balls and be able to fuck each other both ways?"

"It wouldn't be the first time we've fulfilled that kind of request miss. If you don't believe me, I can let you have a thirty-second demo for just 5,000 yen total."

The louder girl gawked, then straightened up with a sober expression.

"Ok, here," she handed the necessary bills to the cashier.

"Alrighty," Yaku chirped as she hit the register's controls and made the exchange. "This way, please." The two girls followed their hostess to The Room, both their hearts jumpy at the excitement of something so…impossible and impossibly good-sounding. "Now, both of you can just take off your skirts and pants. The changes will finalize in a few seconds, and you'll be able to keep your equipment for thirty seconds after that. Once the time finishes, you'll return to normal."

"You better not be shitting me," the dominant girl frowned as she pulled off her pants and underwear while her partner undid her skirt, revealing the lack of panties. Yaku had met such women before at the Café. It seemed this louder girl was the dom and the short-haired mousy girl was the sub. Still, she was surprised that the dom wanted both of them to be changed. "I don't see anything, you bitch!" the louder girl snarled as she stared at her sans-penis nether lips. "I want my money back, you-"

"Mistre- I mean Momoe, look!" Aoi finally spoke up, though, a scowl from her partner hinted that blurting her title was against her rules. Looking down, both young women noticed their little love buttons swelling, and then lengthening to finger-size.

"Holy shit!" Momoe gasped, feeling her addition continue to enlarge and become the phallic shape she had desired. At long last, both girls were in awe at their identical and fully erect members. Shock and amazement consumed their thoughts until time was up, both women anxious to have the extra appendages once more. "OK, how much and for how long?" Momoe demanded as she pulled up her pants and underwear.

"Well, get dressed and we'll discuss the details outside for a moment," Yaku smiled gleefully. All three women left The Room and returned to the cash register. "First off, how long do you want to keep them both?" she asked.

"Forever!" Momoe slammed her hand on the table. "I want those to be permanent on us both!"

"Settle down, Miss," the waitress laughed hesitantly. "Very well. Now, then, let's see…" she calculated the desires' costs on her electronic register for several seconds, then looked up with the final chime of the machine. "That will be a total of 75,000 yen."

"What?!" the dom yelled. "That much?!" Many customers leered from their seats at the ireful girl.

"Mistress…" Aoi whispered, rubbing her partner's shoulders. "Please be calm…"

"You're paying for this, Aoi," Momoe sneered at her sub.

"But-! What about my tuition?" Aoi trembled.

"It's this, or I break up with you."

Tears welled up in the short-haired girl's eyes as she nodded submissively. Pulling out her debit card, she reluctantly handed it to Yaku, who swiped it and returned it.

"Now then," Yaku smiled nervously. "Let's come back to The Room so you two can get your additions again…" The couple followed the waitress back to the white cubical room, Yaku explaining, "You'll have one hour to get used to your penises in here. Size will be distributed accordingly, and once the hour is up, they'll be permanent."

"Fine, whatever," Momoe huffed as she stripped. "Well? Get naked already, bitch!" she commanded to her girlfriend, who still was shaking in horror at using most of her college funds for her mistress's wants. After Aoi took off her clothing, the hostess bowed to the girls and left The Room.

Both girls waited as their clitorises grew again to their stiffened states. "Okay then, Aoi," Momoe grinned devilishly as she sat in front of her partner and gripped her rod tightly. This milked a squeak of pain from the submissive girl.

"M-Mistress…" she breathed sharply. 'I-It hurts…."

"Good then," the long-haired girl purred as she began to suckle the cap of her lover, savoring the taste of the pink skin and the precum leaking. "Mmm…You taste pretty nice, bitch…" she said before swallowing Aoi whole.

"Eeek! No! It's so hot, Mistress!" the poor girl squealed as she felt the warm sensations cascade through her piece. As Momoe bobbed her head up and down the shaft, she felt a slight widening of her jaw, as if Aoi's cock was getting bigger…The more she tried to give her partner head, the bigger and longer it got, until-

"Mbwaa!" Momoe gagged as she pulled the insanely long penis from her mouth just before it choked her. Aoi cried as she gazed at her impossibly long member, the foot-long appendage twitching involuntarily. "The fuck?!" her mistress gasped. "How'd you get so big? That doesn't happen to guys!"

"I…I don't kn-know…" the sobbing sub covered her face as she wept. "It's ugly…And freakish…!"

"Oh, quit whining, you little twat!" Momoe smacked her partner's rod, its length bouncing back and forth as Aoi jerked in place from the sensations. "If fellatio did that to your cock, it'll make mine big too. So suck me!" she forced the shorter-haired girl's face against the normal-sized phallus. Aoi hesitantly took the length into her mouth, sucking it and licking it with all her heart. Momoe shivered and panted as her body heated in response, her girl equipment glistening with excitement. Harder and faster, Aoi continued her cunnilingus until her partner shoved her piece down her throat.

"Aaaaauuuuuugggghhhh!" Momoe moaned as her penis fired its first load of cum down her girlfriend's esophagus. Her entire world was centered in the white-hot bliss leaving her length while her body undulated with the waves of pleasure her snatch felt in response. Aoi noticed as her mistress fell back in her weakened state to catch her breath, her penis was still average in length. And if something that size made her mistress double back in ecstasy, then hers would…

"F-Fu…..uck…" Momoe panted. "That…was fuckin'…awesome….Hey, Aoi, is it-" but as she turned to her partner, the dom was pinned to the floor by her sub. "What…the fuck, Aoi! Get off me, you little slut!"

"Shut up!" Aoi grinned as she back-handed her lover. "You're the bitch now, Momoe…" Her eyes showed a primal hunger…a hunger for power and lust as she bent her face to her long-haired companion and kissed her fiercely. All Momoe could do was squirm and moan. Her mind raced as she felt something she never thought she would feel from her girlfriend: fear. As the two parted lips, Aoi bit into her former mistress's shoulder, her teeth drawing a little bit of blood as Momoe screamed in shock.

"P-Please…Stop this Aoi…" the fallen mistress quivered in terror. "This isn't how things are supposed to be…" she tried to reason.

"I don't think you really mean that, Momoe," Aoi grinned maliciously as she directed her long cock toward her partner's snatch. "In fact, I think you're enjoying this…Your slutty pussy is all wet and nasty…" she rubbed her tip against the entrance teasingly, Momoe squirming and groaning in protest.

"S-Stop…! A-Aoi…This isn't…Nnnnggh!" But the more she tried to resist, the more Momoe began to lose control of her body's sensations.

"Now…" Aoi asked impishly. "What should I do with this…?" she rubbed her cap against her lover's lips, the sloshing sounds enticing to both girls, but the erogenous torture was killing Momoe.

"F-Fuck it…!" she gritted her teeth in agony.

-SMACK!- Went the new dom's hand against her sub's face.

"How does a bitch ask for things?" she growled.

"Ahhh…! P-Please….M-M-Mistress…"

"Please, Mistress…What?" the larger-gifted girl asked as she dug her nails into the soft flesh just enough to get a squeal.

"Eeeee! P-Please…Mistress…Aoi…I w-want your…c-cock in me…!" Momoe cried.

"In where?" Aoi asked. "Do you want my huge cock up your virgin ass?" she asked threateningly.

"N-No! Please….Mistress Aoi….Fuck my…My slutty pussy with your big c-cock…!"

"Good little bitch," she kissed her love slave as she slowly pushed her thick piece of flesh into the far too tight sugar-hole. Momoe shrieked as her body felt as though it would split in two, her smaller phallus stiffening to full attention painfully. Inch by inch, Aoi stuffed her shaft into her girlfriend's hole, a little trickle of blood dripping from the tight fit as Momoe squirmed and sobbed in both bliss and pain. "They…ah…Say that master-slave…relationships can work both…mmm…ways, bitch…" Aoi finally grabbed her slave's ankles and rammed the remaining four inches of her length all the way in.

"Gyaaaaaaauuuuuuuugghhhh!" the former dom screamed for dear life as her womb was stretched to it's limits. Her penis jerked as it came again, hotter and more fiercely than before while her inner channel seared in a heat of masochistic pleasure. Maybe Aoi was right. Maybe in the end, Momoe wanted to be dominated and humiliated too. Before she could make any sense of the situation, Momoe was bombarded by the piercing force of her mistress pounding back and forth against her body. She could barely moan or scream as her mind began to unravel, her thoughts and feelings blurring into a pink haze.

"You're such a tight little slut, Momoe," Aoi grunted happily as she bounced back and forth. "Even though I made you bleed and stretched you out a lot, you're still clamping around me…Yeah…So good…!"she cooed as she sped up her actions.

Orgasm after orgasm racked Momoe's body as she shuddered and spasmed uncontrollably. All she could feel was her spurting penis and her burning love-tunnel as her body shook from the thrusts of her mistress.

"Gonna cum, Momoe! I'm gonna cum in your little pussy...!" Mistress Aoi huffed in joy. "I'm gonna make you messy and nasty inside! Ah! Ah! Auuuuuugh!" And with one massive blast, Aoi fired her tremendous load into her bitch. Momoe felt as if her body had been cleaved in half from the force of her partner's final splurge, her back arching with one ear-piercing scream (though The Room was sound-proof) before blacking out.

Aoi removed her sloppy and sensitive member from her table-turned lover, crawling over to her and waking her up with a spank to her bright pink and red pussy. Momoe gazed up at her mistress, her face dumb and her will broken. Without any instruction, she began to deep-throat Aoi, sucking off her own fluids and fiercely doing whatever she could to please her mistress.

After two more sessions of screwing Momoe's brains out, Yaku finally returned. "Time's up!" she cheered as she beheld the switched roles of her customers. "Wow, bet that was fun."

"Yeah…" Aoi sighed as she pushed her pet off her. "That's enough. We'll continue at my house, bitch," she commanded to her sub.

Momoe was panting almost like a dog as she nodded, "Yes, Mistress Aoi…"

"You won't be wearing any underwear, and wear my skirt instead of the pants," Aoi continued to order her girlfriend. "Damn, this is so great!" she squealed in joy as she dressed herself, bowing to Yaku. "Thank you so much for this, Miss! Is there anyway I can pay you more for this?"

"Oh, no need to do that, Ms. Aoi," the black haired waitress laughed. "Just be sure to tell your friends about our premium services, ok?"

"No prob!" she smiled as she turned to her dressed partner. Her face was glazed almost, as she seemed to be putty in her former sub's hands. "Momoe, you're reimbursing me twice that amount you made me spend, understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Aoi…" Momoe bowed.

"Good little bitch. Now, try not to embarrass me on the way back, or I'll have to punish you." Aoi left The Room with Yaku, then waved before leaving. "Thanks once again for this. I'll be sure to tell all my friends about you guys."

"Thanks so much!" the waitress smiled as the couple left.

"Yaku!" Fubuki growled as she stormed up to her co-worker.

"Eeep! Wh-What, Fubuki…?" she leered at the demonic look the blonde girl gave her.

"Quit lollygagging and help me out here with the orders!" she fumed.

"Ok…" Yaku sighed as she returned to the hectic part of her job.