The walls in that place were so dull. So white. So... not anything. They were nothing at all. They made me dread opening my eyes even more. To open them to the slightly off white, mass produced, bulk-bought paint was so mind numbing. So depressing.

"Can you get me something to eat?" I would ask the nurse when she came in to check my vitals.

"Aren't you supposed to be anorexic or something?" They would say. I would scoff and name off many colorful foods. In came the red jello and the red grape juice, the macaroni and cheese and the spaghetti, the chocolate ice cream and the spinach. And oatmeal. I tersely thanked the nurse and waited until she was out of the room. I grabbed the jello and threw it with all my strength at the wall below the television. The red splattered and the wall had some color. The grape juice made it sing and the macaroni and cheese made it smile. I threw everything at that wall and smiled while slowly eating the oatmeal.

The nurse came back in and started yelling. I silently ate the oatmeal and set my bowl down.

Maybe next time they should put me in a colorful room.