A Single Yellow Rose

A single yellow rose

Feels the rain on its petals

As it blossoms

In this gloomy world

But life holds no peace for it

No happiness

No joy

Only heartache and pain

Its bored with the world

It wants to get out

It can't take it anymore

Its done with this mess

So it begins to die

Slowly, quietly

On the inside

All hope is gone

And then its petals begin to slowly fall

To the cold, wet, unwelcoming earth

The kiss of death has been sealed

You're dying

Before you even got

A chance to live


The sadness is too much for you

The pain is unbearable

Your glass heart is cracking and breaking

Your petals fall to the ground

One by one

Until there is noting left of you

The wind blows

And knocks your frail stem to the ground

And your life fades away

In that last whisper of wind

You die

You entered this world suddenly

And you left it the same way

Only, with more heartache and pain

Than anyone should have to endure

RIP Sean Wallat 1990-02.15.2005 We love and miss you always and forever