My Knight Named Bob

I sat there and watched you kiss another girl

As I realized tonight

That I am so in love with you

I can't deny this

I was once that girl with you

We shared our moments

We had our magic

We shared our love

But I was fool

I was frightened

So I threw it all away

And walked away with tears

I was so stupid!

What was I thinking?

I cried for days

I prayed for another chance

Then we began to share our moments again

And our friendship grew again

The old ways began to appear

I couldn't help it

As the moon reappears tonight as a sliver

I pray that your love shows up again

Even as a sliver

Because in my heart it has already blossomed

I can't stop this

I can't help it

I'm hopelessly in love with you

I'm head-over-heels for my best friend

Thank God it was only a stage kiss!

Or else I might have...would have died!

So come back to me

And let's give this thing another chance

I need you more than air

I love you more than air

You're amazing

And I love you for it

A/N: So I wrote this after watching the opening night of my best friends' play "Be Your Age". Well he's now dating my best friend, but life goes on and I'm okay with that.