Ode To The Past

The crack in the door

Lets time slip in

To let me know

That I'm still alive…somehow

I sit here feeling the cold

Seep through my skin to wrap around my spine

I huddle with my knees drawn up

Waiting, wondering, remembering, pondering

Darkness clouds my vision

As I drift away

To times remembered

The bass strums in the background

I am completely alone

Cut off from the world

I wait for the fears and tears and memories

To take me

I want someone to reach out

And pull me away from all of this

But no one comes

And I hear the bass thump

Where, oh, where did those years go?

A time when I could run free

And feel power flow through my veins

But now I sit here, with wait dripping from me

The sun is gone

The moon is here

I feel the transformation begin

I feel it

Everything goes deathly still

The bass goes quiet

I feel the power explode and grow

It is beginning

I want to run

But I want to see how this works out

The power bubbles forth

From the well within me

Light spreads through me

And the dank, dark surroundings run away

Light bursts out

And I find that I am alive again

I lift my arms and let the power course through me

I am unstoppable because I am live

So I stand and open the door

I walk out into the light

And face the world again