I scream

I cry

I'm hurting

I'm bleeding

You left me

To drown in my sorrows

You left me

Because you were hurting too much

You broke my heart

When you breathed your last

When you pulled the trigger

My heart shattered

The first drop of blood

Fell with the first piece of my broken heart

You fell

My heart fell


More blood falls to the floor

As my heart falls to the bottom of my soul

You ran so much

And then you gave up

I'm running now

From the scream of the dead that follows me

I want to follow you

And jump off that cliff

Like a lemming

Just like you did

I'm waiting for you to come

Then it hits me

You're gone

You'll never come back

My soul

My heart

My very being


You are gone

I am going

I am almost dead

I am functioning for the sake of breathing

I am numb to this world

Like you were

I want to die

Like you did

I cry out in pain

As I fade away

Then I am no more

I am gone





A/N: RIP Sean Wallat 1990-02.15.2005