Beauty in the Silence

The rushing sound falls away
The drip of the water ceases
The roar of the thunder dies
The whisper of the wind fades

Everything goes deathly still
Not a sound
Not a movement
Not a single breath is made

My mind stills
My breathing stalls
My heart stops
My soul quiets

I can hear nothing
Not the whisper in the trees
Nor the rush of the day
Not even the thunder in my soul

Everything has fallen quiet
All in reverence for Him
It has come to this
It has finally happened

We stand facing each other
He looks at me with love
I regard Him with interest
An eternal standoff

We have been shut off from the world
We can hear nothing
And nobody can hear us
This is it

A single drop makes a thousand ripples in my soul
He smiles
As I begin to cave in
It has come

The glass wall around me cracks
And falls away
And I am left standing
In utter nakedness...beautifully alive

I run to Him
He holds me in His arms
Not a single sound penetrates the moment
It is ours for the taking

He cradles my face in His hands
And whispers that my soul is beautiful in its nakedness
I am loved
This is it

Then life comes rushing back
Sound cascades into our ears
Life crashes against us
But we are not torn apart

Never again will I leave Him
He and I are ONE
Forever and always