The Scream of the Broken

My neck snaps

My throat collapses

I can't breathe

I am dying

Oh God!

Save me!

This is it!

I am finished!

Take me now!

I try to crawl away from this mess

But I can't

I am broken

All of this is broken

My vision clouds

I open my mouth to scream

I try to inhale

But I can't

Then I see someone, a Shadow coming

I find the final breath to scream

It is a glorious scream

One of death and power and beauty and the last moment of life, glorious life

The Shadow of Death flees in terror

My scream echoes around this black pit

I begin to fade away

I feel no pain

Where did I begin to go so wrong?

What was I thinking when I jumped?

I lie here

Cold and lifeless

The end is here

My scream echoes once more

And fades away

As I fall limp

This torment seemed to last an eternity

I couldn't even move

Or run

I couldn't save myself

But I did not suffer at the end

I felt no pain

My God of Wonders saved me

And took me home

So now I rest in peace

With all the angels

And watch

As people mourn over my lifeless body

I stand at the brink

Of where two worlds collide

For a brief moment

And watch from behind the sun as it paints everything blood red in its wake

And now I am finished

No more pain

No more games

I am gloriously alive again