The Beating of a Lifetime

You are my worst nightmare

You haunt me every waking moment

You love to mess with my head

Even in my dreams I'm not safe from you

Just when I think that I am safe

You appear out of nowhere

You grin manically

And reach out for me

I scream in terror

I turn and run away

My fears are back

My tears are back

You grab me

I scream in pain

I scream in terror

As you drag me away

I cry out for help

But they all stand there

Like statues

Frozen with fear

The bruise forms form his hand

And I know more will follow

The beating begins

Even my heart is battered and broken

My soul withers away

And I just want to die

Death is my only escape

But it will not come

He leaves me in a bloody mess on the floor

He'll come back to be me again

He always does

I cannot move

The pain is too great

I cry at the mess I'm in

Blood flows and bruises form

Tomorrow will come

But there will be no sunshine for me

I'm stuck in a war

That I can't get out of