Lights Out

I pray to God she turns the lights out when she leaves,

Cause I can't stand another night of these stone-cold memories.


Lay me down and suck another soul out of me,

I didn't think you'd come tonight and it feels so good,

As long as she doesn't return this time,

I'll lay here doing everything she would,


Staring into your eyes as I try to forget,

I can't help but feel guilty this time around,

But the first move is made and I refuse to regret,

Perfection I found in a new part of town,


But when she comes home and delivers her fight,

No I don't want to be here, I don't want to be here tonight.


I don't want to be left here in this room,

With all these mirages of betrayal,

It's as if I can still smell her perfume,

With the lights out I still sense her portrayal.


For this moment, forget her and just love me sweet,

In the darkness your touch is so smooth,

It's too good to fight this so bring me defeat,

With our heartbeats all racing you lose.


When she comes here again and holds you so close,

I want her to know that she sleeps with my ghost.


So how does it feel with us both on a string?

Is it really all worth the enjoyment it brings?

I just want it to heal, to be back in her bed,

Not with you and this misplaced regret.


She thinks I don't know that she comes here with you,

I wonder if she knows that I touch you too,

If she can be unfaithful, I'll do the same,

I still love her so much but this bed's filled with shame.

-- Even Gods Dream, February 2007