By Riku-sama
Chapter I – Mistaken

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"… And for my final song, I would like to welcome my one of my dearest friends, Miyuki Akemi, my partner for this song, to center stage!" shouted out the raven hair beauty, Tsukiko as her fans cheered energetically. Turning to her right, eyes shining with passion, Tsukiko smiled as she placed her delicate hand on Akemi's shoulder and murmured quickly, "It's time Akemi-chan."

Akemi blinked in confusion as Tsukiko, the cheering fans, the stage, the bright lights, and everything else began to fade around her, and only Tsukiko's voice remained, urging her to do something.

"Akemi-chan! Get up!" Akemi's eyes popped open to see a face covered in green skin with bright red eyes that were so shiny it made Akemi's skin start to crawl as it bared its pointed white fangs and the short red horns glistened. Akemi let louse a shriek of horror and disgust as she tried to push the creature away, only to end up falling from her bed to the floor.

Laughter exploded from behind the face as it was removed, revealing pair of big eyes and a large, goofy smile pasted upon the face. Akemi pushed herself off the ground as the woman continued her uncontrollable laughter. Gritting her teeth in annoyance, Akemi could feel her temples growing red as she clenched her hand into a fist tightly. "MS. PUU, HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO WAKE ME UP LIKE THAT?!" bellowed Akemi loudly causing the laughter to cease.

"Well I was trying to get you up, but you wouldn't cooperate, so I had to improv," explained Mrs. Puu as she danced around the room wildly, "You seemed to be stuck in one good dream."

"Yeah…" muttered Akemi, her voice trailing off, "And you had to ruin my perfect dream with Tsukiko…"

"Tsukiko?" repeated Mrs. Puu, sounding out each syllable as her face grew closer to Akemi's and then gasping in horror, she cried out, "Akemi-chan! Such a dirty mind for a young lady! Fantasizing such thoughts!"

Akemi could feel her face burning red, the words echoing in her ears. Snatching a pillow, she chucked it at Mrs. Puu angrily, "You're the one with the dirty thoughts and I'm not dreaming that type of things!"

"Oh really?" Mrs. Puu replied dodging the pillow and continuing her crazy dance around the room, "Then what exactly are you dreaming?"

"Uh…" Akemi's voice trailed off as her mind flashed back to the vivid images of her dream, the dream she wished she could actually live. The life of a singer and of course, the chance to meet her idol, Tsukiko… Akemi's face flushed as her imagination began to run away on its own. Her eyes became dreamy as Mrs. Puu popped up in front of her and stared into the eyes of the space cadet.

"You're blushing…" she pronounced slowly in a teasing tone. The loudly, she brought Akemi back to reality with her comment, "… which confirms my theory!"

"That confirms nothing!" Akemi shot back, her face growing a deeper shad o pink by each passing moment.

"Oh really?" A sly glint in Mrs. Puu's eyes made Akemi shudder as her crazed housekeeper bounced over and murmured something into her ear. Akemi's eyes widened and she snatched a pillow.

"How dare you even think of that about me!" she bellowed in a thundering voice as Mrs. Puu scrambled for the door, right as Akemi released her pillow into the air. As if in slow motion, Mrs. Puu ducked as the pillow flew over her head and hit a young woman square in the face.

"Emi-sama!" gasped Mrs. Puu in surprised as the woman removed the pillow from her face, revealing her beautiful features. Creamy tan skin, soft chocolate colored eyes, lush and silky; chin length hair, rosy cheeks, and red lips were only a few simple words to describe the beauty of Emi. Emi raised her eyebrow delicately as she held up the pillow.

"Mrs. Puu," she started in an elegant voice, "I see you managed to rouse Akemi-chan up."

"Yes, Emi-sama," replied Mrs. Puu in a different, respectful voice as she bow deeply for her mistress. Emi stifled a giggle as Akemi glared with great annoyance. Mrs. Puu was always so respectful toward Emi and always so… goofy and annoying towards her… Did she not respect her as much as Emi? Akemi shook her head. Well, duh. Emi was the head of the house, so she should be respected, but…

Emi glanced over and noticed Akemi lost in thought with a fallen look expressed upon her features. Emi's face immediately filled with concern and love. Signaling Mrs. Puu without a single word, Emi walked over and plopped down upon her knees next to Akemi. "Akemi-chan, earth to Akemi-chan?" called out Emi in a whispered tone as she waved her hand in front of Akemi's face obnoxiously, "This is your onee-sama speaking…"

Akemi blinked, "Gomen," she muttered an apology to her stepsister. Emi closed her eyes and smiled to herself… Without warning Emi's arm encircled around Akemi's neck and put her into a headlock and with her free hand, started to rub Akemi's head roughly.

"Emi-san!" squealed Akemi loudly as she struggled against her older sister, "Stop it!" Emi only smirked, ignoring the high-pitched pleads and the attempts to struggle free.

"What is my name?" asked Emi, pretending that the high-pitched shrieks that were dangerously approaching glass-breaking level weren't audible. Akemi gritted her teeth. "Onee-sama!" she uttered with a hint of drama in her voice. Emi immediately stopped and went back to her proper sitting position. Akemi struggled off the floor and rebounded to her feet instantly.

"Geez!" she cried out pointing her index finger at her stepsister, accusingly, "What was that for?"

"Oh nothing," replied Emi in a casual tone, like nothing had happened. She picked up a teacup in an elegant manner and in the "proper, ladylike" manner, she sipped it slowly, "I was bored and needed some entertainment. So I felt the need to assault you."

Akemi could feel her jaw hit the ground, "You… felt… like it?!" stuttered Akemi angrily as she tried to contain the annoyed anger that was building her temple area. "Hai." Akemi dropped to her knees and thought to herself, "Its official, I live with a psycho mood-changing sister and a crazy, otaku housekeeper."

"Imoto-chan," interrupted Emi as Akemi slowly looked up, "The flowers you requested are in the kitchen. When you are dressed and have eaten, Mrs. Puu will-"

"No thanks," cut in Akemi, standing up and walking over to her dresser, "I rather walk than be in a car with Mrs. Puu. She is a hazard to any living creature on the highway."

"Oh, okay," said Emi, placing the teacup down, "I have students today, so I'll see you this afternoon."

Akemi pulled off her shirt while Emi closed the paper door behind her. As Akemi quickly changed, two pictures of two different women smiled back at her.


"Every Heart, I will always be with you…" sang BoA, the lyrics and vocals entangling through the white headphones. A girl around the age of seventeen hummed along with the music, gazing up at the ceiling. Her long, silky dark chocolate colored hair was lying freely on the couch, like branches of rivers. Her emerald eyes gazed at the smooth, lump free, white paint above her. Her chest moved up and down as she breathed in and out slowly.

Closing her eyes, the girl murmured the name, "Osamu-san." A smile formed across her lips at the taste of his name. Suddenly her watch beep loudly and awoke her from her daze. Sitting up, the girl took off her headphones quickly and stood up, trying to brush off any wrinkles in her tight black pants, the young woman fazed at herself in the mirror. A slinky green halter top with a leather black jacket and matching black pants over her black high heel boots, which finished off her pop star look. "The dangerous and sexy 'Tsukiko' look," as the press called it. Tsukiko smirked at the thought of that remark once made when she had worn this outfit before. Running her hand through her hair, she nervously combed it, although it was the definition of a "perfect hair day".

"Why am I so nervous?" she asked her image in the mirror, "This isn't something new, but…" Footstep echoed down the hall, outside the room. Tsukiko could feel her heat flutter as she leapt toward the door and opened it, with a smile upon her face, "Konnichwa, Osamu-sensei…" She greeted the empty hall energetically. Silence was her reply. Blinking in puzzlement, Tsukiko looked up and down the hall.

"I could have sworn that I heard footsteps," muttered Tsukiko to herself as she started wandering down the hall like a lost puppy.

"Osamu-kun! Wait!" a feminine cry caught Tsukiko's attention. Peaking around a corner, Tsukiko's eyes widened as she watched a young woman corner a man. The woman had short brown that was pulled in a ponytail. She wore a brown shirt and a dark green skirt. The cornered man, on the other hand was the meaning of "tall, dark, and handsome." He had an aura of kindness and intelligent surrounding him.

Tsukiko's eyes softened and she could feel her heart beating loudly as she gazed at her private tutor, Osamu-sensei. Ever since they had met seven years ago, when her career first began in acting, he had always been with her. She had a crush on him when she was still a preteen and her feelings for him had begun to develop into love. Even though they were ten years apart in age and Osamu treated her as a younger sister, but she couldn't help but dream that one day, he might see her in a new light…

"…But Osamu-kun…" whined the woman loudly, reminding Tsukiko of a spoiled child wanting a toy she couldn't get, "Why are you acting like this?"

"I don't know what you are talking about, Naoko," replied Osamu as he tried to walk part Naoko, but she blocked his path.

"How many times have I told you to call me 'Naoko-chan'? We are a couple after all," cooed Naoko in a husky voice.

Tsukiko felt her heart stop, as Naoko's words bounced through her head. "It can't be true…" thought Tsukiko as Osamu and Naoko continued talking.

"Naoko, I really do not comprehend the point you are trying to make," replied Osamu coolly in a strained voice as he brushed Naoko's hand off his chest, "Now if you excuse me, I have a lesson to teach to Tsukiko-san…" He never finished his sentence for Naoko had him in a lip lock, pressing her lips against his seductively.

Tsukiko felt her eyes bulging larger at the sight and Osamu's name rolling off her tongue silently. "Remember," said Naoko in a louder, yet sexy voice after she had drawn away, "Tsukiko and Katsu-sama are going to be married soon, so she won't need you any more and besides she was never anything more than a student to you, right?" Tsukiko held her breath.

"You're right," replied Osamu slowly, his eyes hidden by the shadow of his hair, "She was only a student to me…" Hot tears formed in Tsukiko's eyes at those words as she raced away, crying.

Tsukiko race through the halls, not caring who saw her, all she wanted was to run away from here. As if the world felt her sorrow, the clouds above released the grey and drizzle. Not caring if she got wet, Tsukiko wandered sadly through a park until she found bench and sat down, wishing that the rain would wash away her pain.


"Here are some new flowers for you, Suzume-san," said Akemi as she laid down a bouquet of daisies, sunflowers, dandifies, and various other types of flowers at the base of a tombstone.

"Miyuki Suzume Kiba, 'A loving wife, friend, mother, singer, dancer'. Born – 9/15/70, Died – 2/28/01" read the tombstone's inscription. Akemi patted the stone. Only five years ago did she stand and watch as her stepmother was buried. Suzume had been loving and gentle, but strict and brought her up well. Akemi could still remember the singing lessons she had given to both her and Emi when they were younger. The low, husky voice that always had brought a smile to her face.

Turning away, she silently bid goodbye to her father's second wife and moved on. The clouds darkened overhead as she came to another gravestone and kneed down, placing her flowers in the vase at the grave. Her hand traced the words inscribed on the grave. "Miyuki Shizuka Kiba. 'A loving wife, mother, friend, cousin, singer, dreamer.' Born – 12/14/72, Died – 7/30/95."

"Mama…" whispered Akemi as the raindrops started to fall. Akemi whispered her feelings, her thoughts, and her dreams to the grave.

"…And then I came here," finished Akemi, her hair soaked, "I hope you like the flowers, Okaa-san." The grave replied in silence. Akemi let out a heavy sigh.

"You know what Okaa-san," started Akemi after a moment. "Our family is falling apart. Otou-san can't bear to be near us because of your and Suzume-san's death hurts him too much, so he stays in America, busy with his work. Emi-san, well she misses Suzume-san still and has taken over the dance studio and the household. She doesn't sing anymore and I'm not allowed to sing around her because I know it will bring back memories of Suzume-san. Oh, Okaa-san I really wish I could be a singer and I know my songs will bring our family back together because singing brought you and Otou-san together…" Tears formed in Akemi's eyes. Wiping them away and laughing to her.

"Now look at myself," giggled Akemi sadly, "I'm crying." Her giggles faded into sobs as she closed her eyes and cried. "I'm all alone in this world," she thought, tears sliding down her pale face, "I'm so different physically and mentally from everyone else. I'm a half-breed. A half Japanese and half American girl with golden blonde hair and brown eyes…"

"Ruff!" Akemi opened her eyes to see a small dog with brown, white and traces of black in its fur, sitting in front of her and wagging its tail. Or its bunny-like tail. Akemi studied it, trying to figure out what breed it was. It had a long body, short legs, long pointed ears, stub like rabbit tail… it was like a rabbit dog…

"Wait, you're a Welsh Corgi like Ein (1)," cooed Akemi. She remembered her father telling her about them and how he use to own one when he was a boy and lived in the US, but that was in the past…

"Are you lost?" questioned Akemi holding out her hand so that the dog could sniff it. It wore no collar, but there was something around its neck…

The dog moved closer as Akemi reached out and pulled silver pendent from around its neck. A strange symbol was carved into the pendent. "What is this?" thought Akemi aloud, "I've seen this symbol before. Those three circles connected…" Akemi thought a moment and then blurted out, "That's the symbol from 'Charmed' (2)! Are you a 'Charmed' one?" The dog gave her an annoyed stare at the failed attempt to make a joke. Akemi laughed nervously knowing her humor needed work and then thought again.

"It means 'trinity'," she said to herself, then in a dazed tone she muttered a phrase that her mother and Suzume had both told her when she was little. "Sagashite wo trinity in Hikari no mochidzuki."

The pendent began to glow a silver light causing Akemi to react by dropping it and moving back against the tombstone, her eyes filled with curiosity and wonder. The dog's body began to glow silver as it changed from a dog in a human. Akemi's eyes widened as the light disappeared revealing an extremely handsome male with short brown hair that was in a short ponytail. A pair of gleaming black eyes was revealed and a sexy aura surrounded him. His outfit seemed pretty normal to Akemi; a white shirt, a brown vest, and matching pants. But the fact that he wore a collar around his neck made Akemi wonder.

"Wow," thought Akemi, "He's pretty cute… no… hot!" The guy stared at her and then took a step toward her. Akemi started to scoot back as she stuttered out a defense, but the tombstone behind her stopped her. Closing her eyes and holding her arms across her face as a shield, she waited for the guy to do… something…

"Here." A suave toned voice entered Akemi's ears and she squinted open one eye to see the guy holding out his hand to her. She told his hand cautious and felt her body life from the ground swiftly. "Arigatou," she said quietly out of basic instinct, blushing a bit, but then she remember what had happened, "Wait a second! Who are… No, what are you? And why were you a dog then suddenly a human and-" He placed his index finger on her lips. Akemi could feel her cheeks burn as she gazed into his eyes.

"Thank you for freeing me from the curse that has been places upon my body. I have been wandering around for a long time waiting to be free…" trailed off the guy.

"Bu how did I free you? With the words I said?" interrogated Akemi. Her acquaintance nodded. "Wow," gasped Akemi, "I never would of thought that those words… were magical…"

"Magic lies in everything," commented the bishie causally. Akemi nodded, not really paying attention. Her mind was still trying to grasp the whole matter and figure it out.

"Okay… let me get this straight," said Akemi as thunder rolled above her, "You were trapped in a dog's body and when I said those words, I freed you… um…?"

The guy bowed before her. "I am Orpheus, a god fallen from Heaven and I am in your debt, Miyuki Akemi-sama," said Orpheus in a respectful tone. Akemi's face froze.

"A… a KAMI!" she exploded mentally, "I am talking to a GOD!" Akemi felt light headed but somehow she held herself together and managed not to faint.

"How did you know my name?" questioned Akemi as the thought popped into her head, "Can you read minds or something?"

"No, I saw your name on this." He handed her a card, which was her student ID. "You dropped it."

"Uh, thanks," replied Akemi quickly as she stuffed it in her pocket knowing she would have lost if forever if he had not picked it up. "Do you mind telling me why you were cursed?" she asked later as they sat under a gazebo.

Orpheus, whom had been staring off into space turned and looked her in the eye. "I am a river god and the god of music. I am the son of the great god of light, music, healing, and prophecy, Apollo and of the Muse of poetry, Calliope. I have a twin sister Eurydice, who I am very close to. She has become a target of love lately from another of my father's children. She has rejected him countless times and finally he went to the goddess of love, Aphrodite who was more than happy to help him seduce her." Orpheus paused, releasing a sad sigh, "He tried to seduce her, but she escaped and begged for me to stop him, so I did and protected her the best I could. This upset Aphrodite so much that she told her son Eros to shoot a iron arrow into my heart so that it would rid me of my immortality and half of my powers. Then she cursed me into the form of a dog and forced me to earth."

"That's horrible!" cried out Akemi as she jumped off the bench they were sitting on. "They should be punished!"

"By whom?" asked Orpheus. "Zeus? Apollo? This is normal among the gods. It is my problem and my responsibility to find my other half and return to the heavens."

"But still," continued Akemi as she sat back down, "Can't your father or anyone else help?"

Orpheus shook his head and stood up, "No, 'Zeus is a dictator, Hermes is a liar, Hades is weak, Poseidon is resentful, Hephaestus is a complainer, and wild Dionysus is a drunk' of course," explained Orpheus pointing out the faults in the male Greek gods, "My father doesn't wish to come between two of his sons and besides my mother is only a Muse."

"And Eurydice?" asked Akemi softly as she stood. "I don't know…" sighed Orpheus, his expression forlorn, "But I must thank you for freeing me. Can I repay you in any way?"

"Repay me?" blurted out Akemi in surprise, "There's no need for that…"

"I insist," argued Orpheus, his words pressing upon hers.

"Okay… Well then, let me think," responded Akemi. Her mind ran through different possibilities. Then she remembered her dream.

"I wish to be turned into a professional singer," announced Akemi, feeling foolish as Orpheus raised one of his eyebrows, "I know it sounds stupid but its been my dream to become a singer and well-" Her face turned red with every word and she felt like an idiot.

"I understand," confirmed Orpheus as he cupped his hands in front of his chest. A silver bauble of light began to form as Orpheus chanted several words in some language Akemi could not understand. "My body" she thought, wrapping her arms around herself, "Feels warm…" Akemi's body soon was covered by silver light. Orpheus concentrated as he worked his magic, but suddenly a sharp pain ran through his heart causing him to lose his control for a second.

"What was that?" wondered Orpheus to himself as he regained control and finished the transformation. The light died away as Akemi opened her eyes. Searching through her purse, she pulled out a small compact mirror and gazed into it. Gazing back was the face of Tsukiko?! Akemi let out a gasp of amazement. Her blonde hair had grown longer and become black and her body had changed along with her hair color.

"Sugoi!" she exclaimed excitedly as she turned, "Arigatou Orpheus-sama!" The joy faded from her face quickly as it had appeared. Orpheus was wavering back and forth looking ill.

"Orpheus-kami!" shouted Akemi as she caught him as he descended toward the ground, "Orpheus-kami? Are you all right?"

"Did it work?" uttered Orpheus weakly opening his eyes. A smile formed as he saw the transformed Akemi.

"That doesn't mattered!" snapped Akemi upset with herself, "You're ill all because of my wish-"

"No," stated Orpheus, "Its because my body and strength and aren't as strong as before. I guess doing simple magic like that takes a lot of me, but I'm happy you got you're wish…" Orpheus's voice trembled off as he began to glow and shrink into his dog form. Akemi's eyes widened as she poked the body once, twice, and then again.

"He's asleep," she said a loud in relief as she picked him up and held him in her arms. Then a glimmer caught her eyes. Her eyes grew bigger as she picked up silver pendent which happen to be shiny.

"This must belong to Orpheus-kami," she thought putting it around her neck, "I'll wear it until he awakes and then give it back to him."

Unknown to Akemi, the silver pendent gave off a dark aura as she walked out of the gazebo. Her clothes grew soaked as she started towards the direction of her house. Behind her, the shouts of a female voice grew louder, but Akemi was lost in thought to even take notice.

Suddenly a hand clamped down upon her shoulder and forced her to turn around. Akemi scream as she came face to face with an attractive woman with damp amber shaded hair that was tied into a ponytail. She was wearing a light brown business suit and panting hard. Her hazel eyes were fierce, yet a worried glint shone within them.

"Tsukiko! I've finally found you!" gasped the woman in a heavy French accent. She grabbed Akemi's hand and began dragging her off in the opposite direction. The woman began muttering in French and would occasionally send glares at Akemi.

"Huh?" thought Akemi as the woman pulled her along from the grassy are to where the pavement and grass collide – 'the curb' where a slick black limousine was waiting for them, "What's going on?" Upon arriving at a limo where the chauffer opened the door, only for the woman to shove Akemi roughly in and slam the door close abruptly.

"Sheesh," said Akemi to herself, "What's her problem?" The woman soon got in on the other side and sat facing Akemi as the car pulled out of the parking space and began to glide along the street. Akemi's eyes darted toward the locked doors that imprisoned her inside the vehicle.

"Don't even think about it!" snapped the woman in an irritated tone as her cell phone went off. Pulling it out, the woman answered, "Bonjur." She listened and answered "we" to several questions, then finally said, "I found Tsukiko, we'll be at the hotel in ten minutes. Au' revior." She snapped her cell shut as Akemi realized what was happening.

"She thinks I'm Tsukiko, but then where is the real Tsukiko and what's going to happen to me?!" panicked Akemi mentally as the car drove farther away, into the heart of the city.


Tsukiko closed her eyes, she would never go back. There was nothing left for her… She would never obey that evil mother-from-hell of hers. "I'm on my own now," thought Tsukiko, "No turning back now." Standing up she took a deep breath and pulled out her cell phone.

Glaring at it, she mumbled an apology, and then chucked it at a nearby tree, turning away as it broke apart. Taking a deep breath of air, a feeling of rebirth ran through Tsukiko's soul as she stretched and yawned loudly,

"I'm free…" she said to herself, "Free…"

A high-pitched scream interrupted her happy moment. Without thinking twice Tsukiko raced toward the scream, until she found the location of the source. A young girl dressed in a flowing, green gown with a girl circle around her head, Her silver hair hung loosely around her body, but her face was masked in fear. A man, bigger then her with dark bluish hair had her pinned against a tree, holding forcefully by the arm. His outfit consisted of a brown tunic and pants, his long blue hair hung freely and upon his hands he wore protective gloves and seemed to be in the act of assaulting the pretty girl.

Tsukiko felt her blood boil. The nerve of this guy, this bastard. Taking advantage of this poor defenseless girl. Men these days, so full of themselves, always wanting to be in control, well she wasn't going to let this happen. Picking up a large stick, she yell out to the man, "Hey you! Over here, you son-of-a-bitch!" she cried out in a dirty language, knowing its affects on the male species. The man turned around like she had predicted and saw Tsukiko. Her eyed her body noting every detail. A sick smile fell upon his face and he took a step in the direction of Tsukiko, still holding the girl.

"Yes?" he answered in a low voice. "Let go of her!" demanded Tsukiko, raising the stick in a defensive position, "How dare you pick on… no assault a defenseless girl. You are sick!"

The man let lose a howl of laugher and smiled. "A feisty one," he said, "What happens if I don't let go? I like defenseless females."

"Then deal with an offensive one!" screamed Tsukiko racing toward the large man, her stick raised. The man smirked and the girl let out a whimper of terror.

"I won't let him hurt her," thought Tsukiko angrily charging head on towards the man, "I don't want to see anyone hurt like that… again!"


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Japanese Translations

"Miyuki Akemi" – "bright and beautiful snow"

"Tsukiko" – "moon child"

"Emi" – "blessed with beauty"

"Osamu" – "law abiding"

"Naoko" – "obedient child"

"Katsu" – "victorious"

"Miyuki Shizuka" – "quiet and beautiful snow"

"Miyuki Suzume" – "beautiful snow sparrow"

"Orpheus and Eurydice" – "In Greek mythology, Orpheus was a talented musician who could calm any creature and was married to Eurydice. A poisonous snake bit Eurydice one day and she died, Orpheus became so depressed he traveled to the Underworld to bring her back to life. Hades was relented to give her back but his wife Persephone convinced him and he agreed, under one condition – Orpheus may not look back at his wife until they are out of the Underworld. As fate has it, Orpheus so too impatient and looked back at the last moment and lost his wife. Then he died when he tried to bring her back again."

Japanese Phrases

" – chan" – "a cute ending which means "friend"

" – kun" – "a ending usually used for boys, but is more for


" – sensei" – "a ending which means "teacher"

" – sama" – "a respective ending which means "lady or lord"

" – kami" – "god"

"Onee-sama" – "big sister" (with a more respective tone)

"Okaa-san" – "mother"

"Otou-san" – "father"

"Imoto-chan" – "little sister"

"Gomen" – "Sorry"

"Hai" – "Yes"

"Konnichiwa" – "Hello"

"Sagashite wo trinity in Hikari no mochidzuki" – "In search of the

trinity in the light of the full moon"

(1) "Ein" – a Welsh Corgi from Cowboy Bebop

(2) "Charmed" – an American show about three sisters who are