Part one

I just slid my tongue in his mouth as he pushed his hand further up my skirt. We weren't suppose to be doing this in a movie theater. There was no one there and we were halfway through the movie. I unbuckled his pants quickly we were drunk as hell after ditching May's party. I tugged them hard and the fell to the floor. I shouldn't have done this but it was the vodka doing that.

I slid my hand through the opening of his boxers, then he moaned in my ear.

I kissed him again this time harder.

" We shoullnenttebedoingths." is was like a had marbles in my mouth. I couldn't talk right.

" How cares?" I don't think I had my panties anymore. I was only fifteen and I never had anyone you know...do what Matthew was doing to me right now.

I my heart kept skipping and my breathing quickened.

He kept kissing me to keep me quiet. I shouldn't be doing this not in movie theater watching a kids movies.

I wasn't going to lose my virginity in a movie theater when we suppose to be watching Back Yard Heroes.

I then I had my first um...orgasm.

I was all hot and sweaty and out of breath. He slid his hand out of my skirt and stopped kissing me.

" ets tind an appropriate place to do this..." he hiccuped." God your so beautiful." we were both went for a kiss but we ended hititng our foreheads.

" Ow." I giggled and rubbed my forehead.

" Your so cute," I slurred.

" We tan't tive gome Aleza we're drunk. I know! We can call my brother Kyle!" he yelled in happily.

I shushed him and put a finger to his sweet lips " they're gotnna hear ius"

" Kay."

I woke up with a raging headache searching for my bra. It was always cold in Matthew's apartment. I swear his brother wasn't human.

Matthew was laying on his bed naked. I couldn't help but look at his cute little butt. I giggled and found my bra on the TV stand.

His room smelled like alcohol and sex. Just lots and lots of sex.

Me being fifteen I would be mature enough to handle these adult themed thoughts. But instead I just kept blushing.

I walked over to the TV and my head still hurting put on my bra. But I had no underwear.

"Shit" I left it at the movie theater. I looked around for skirt but I couldn't find it.

" Hello sunshine." I heard a familiar voice and turned my head to Matthew stretching on his Dragon Ball Z sheets. It was our little secret along with his brother and mother that he loved those sheets. Of course I'd tease him about.

" Hey."

" Last night was great wasn't it Alexa?"

My face was heating up and I opened my mouth to say something sexy but I just closed it. I kept smiling but not knowing what to say.

" Your such a dork."

" Well you slept with a dork. Which makes you a dork too" I don't know if that was comeback but he laughed.

" Come here."

I walked over still bottomless. We cuddled which I didn't think guys were into.

" I love you Alexa."

" I love you too."

Every second counted. My mother would freak out knowing this is what I was doing in Miami.

She currently lived in Haiti with my dad and my two little sisters Marie Rose and Melanie.

I lived with my auntie and my grandma. My mom sent me here about two years ago. So I got adopted by my Grandmother which legally makes me my mom's sister. Complicated right?

If you ever lived in Haiti you know it sucks. It's always hot and so many mosquitoes. Oh yeah and the fact everyone's getting killed. There's still riots even after Aristide left office. More like forced but I think you get the idea right?

Luckily my mom and the rest of family are coming in two weeks. I don't think they'll like it if I was snuggling with Matthew.

I can speak almost perfect English but when I get angry you can hear my accent.

It's kinda of late for an introduction though isn't it? I mean you heard about my sex life that just started last night.