When sexually aroused, the clitoris becomes engorged with blood and swells, thus making the nervous tissue it's composed of very sensitive to the touch, which is why the sensation of clitoral stimulation via the fingers (or fingering, colloquially) is such an enjoyable thing. When stimulated, your neurons send signals of pleasure to the brain. There is an endocrine gland called the pituitary about the size of a pea that rests in a bony cavity in the sphenoid bone at the base of the brain called the pituitary fossa. When stimulated to the point of climax, the pituitary gland releases endogenous opioid biochemical compounds known as endorphins, which bring about a sense of euphoria unto the brain.

None of this is what Anna Rose thinks about in these blissful moments. In fact, thought is highly unwelcome in these moments. Thought is an asset of the other world, the world in which the man now rubbing her ever-so-dreamily wants nothing to do with her, a world in which they broke up years ago, a world that she'll have to face as soon as the endorphins abandon her, long after Steven does. But for now, she's in her own world, a world she glides into on a zephyr of pleasure. A world where feeling is the dominant one, and is unaldurated by the nastiness of thought.


The feeling of warmth spreading slowly throughout her body, emanating from between her legs.


The feeling that the man poised above her with his hand down the front of her pants truly cares for her.

The feeling of him writing love poems across her body with his tongue.

The feeling of his sensuous body language speaking volumes.

The feeling of how it once was.

The feeling of being loved.

She clenched her teeth tightly as his skilled digits carried her closer and closer to climax. Closing her eyes and holding her breath, her fingers dug themselves into her sides. She was almost there…

Lurid imagery projected itself on the inside of her eyelids as she treaded within the confines of the pleasure purgatory between the hell of normality and the much-anticipated brief glimpse of heaven. She neared closer to the bright light as thought phased itself out of her body, leaving it a vessel for only sensation to hold the reigns of.

A burst of breath let itself out of her lungs at long last as the pressure relieved itself euphorically and the apparatus which had carried her to this point slowly begin to come to a halt.

Biochemical compounds marched her away into the land of euphoria, where she would rest as long as she could before turning to face the harsh reality she was only making harsher with acts like these.

Steven stood up and looked at her.

"I gotta go home," he informed her coldly, leaving her dazed body on the grass as he turned on his heel and abandoned her before the endorphins could. She watched him go until he turned a corner and was out of sight, before lackadaisically getting to her feet and staring up at the sky…

Even the stars seemed to be frowning upon her.

The endorphins were leaving her already…

She let out a dejected sigh and kicked the dirt with a dirtied sneaker. Turning around and setting out on the walk home from the makeshift wonderland he'd built for her, she planned in her head when her next visit would be.