The Untouchable Wolfe

"Once upon a time in a territory named Remodia, resided a prince named Gabriel Donovan Wolfe, but he was no ordinary prince—he was a living curse and all the townspeople knew it. Not only was his hair an anomalous shade of dark red but his eyes were a vivid and luminous shade of violet with large flecks of gold around the pupils. It was believed that many centuries ago, a witch who wanted vengeance for her deceased son had cast a spell upon the first male heir. It was alleged that if he were to be physically touched, he would shift into a wolf and live an immortal life of loneliness. Should he have the phenomenon of finding his one true love, the curse will be broken.

The King and Queen of Remodia were so fearful of his future that Gabriel was sheltered within his room until late each night when all was slumbering. Years passed and Gabriel grew bitter and lonely, constantly longing for a normal life amongst the crowd of energetic Remodians. 'This secluded life is not for me and I absolutely repudiate to living with this system for another minute.' He murmured, tearing his gaze away from the sight his window flaunted. Late that night, he snuck past security that had a propensity of falling asleep and into the forsaken streets. In such awe that he was stepping upon cobblestone roads rather than plush carpet, he began to sprint wildly with delight. As he turned a corner, he inadvertently jostled a young maiden taking a midnight stroll. 'Oh.' He said with astonishment, skidding to a stop. 'I apol-' But before he could complete his apology, red smoke enveloped him and a grey wolf with the same unique eyes stood in his place when it cleared. The young woman lifted a dainty hand to her mouth to stifle a surprised gasp. 'Prince Gabriel!' She exclaimed. Fearing she had done a vast wrong, she turned and fled the scene.

The next morning, the excited murmurs of the crowd all spoke of Gabriel having shifted into a wolf. Later that day, the same maiden stepped forth into the citadel of Remodia. 'It is I, Lena Fai Athia, who has touched Prince Gabriel.' She confessed. 'I promise to serve Prince Gabriel till death.' From that day on, Lena served Gabriel to the superlative of her capability, often conversing with him, though she never anticipated a response. Gabriel ultimately fell in love with Lena and she secretly with him despite his animalistic form but never dared to touch him again. When Lena died from old age, Gabriel grew lonesome and left his kingdom, choosing to live life in the wild. To this day, a lonely Prince Gabriel still wanders for he has lost his true love…"

"Tell it again, Auntie!" A small child exclaimed eagerly as she sat up in bed. "Perhaps tomorrow." replied a young woman with long black hair and dark brown eyes. She glanced out the window and suddenly smiled wistfully before hastily leaving the room. Walking outside, she noticed the familiar pair of violet eyes speckled with gold staring at her forlornly beneath the full moon. "I know… I know now…" She whispered as she kneeled down and embraced a grey wolf. Red smoke rose up once more and when it disappeared, a tall man stood in its place, staring at her with soft violet eyes framed in gold. "Lena Fai Athia…" He said softly, his lips curving into a smile. "No…" She replied, reaching for his hand. "Selena Faith Carpathia." She corrected, her eyes sparkling. "And you, Prince Gabriel Donovan Wolfe." He merely smiles and pulls her into his warm embrace. "I have been waiting for this moment for five hundred long years." He murmured.

Unknowingly to the couple, the small child had been peering out the window with a smile and quoted her Aunt Selena under her breath, "A true lover does not desire the passionate embraces of anyone else but his beloved."

Authoress Note: In case the names weren't obvious as I had hoped it would be, Selena Faith Carpathia is the reincarnation of Lena Fai Athia. This was a writing assignment from my english class about one of the rules of courtly love. The one I chose to write about, is the quote the small child had murmured.