They say that every heart has a will of its own

With every color of thread that is sown

It makes the weaving of our lives unknown

Everything he haven't seen says to give us hope

Because everything we do see teaches us to cope

With courses due that we cannot interlope

People say they believe in destiny

Small coincidences between you and me

This is the new Grande Finale

They say every heart has to experience pain

Thunder clouds and stormy gray rain

It makes it difficult to know which part of you is slain

Everything we know tells us good or bad

And if we're not up to the standards then it's sad

And if it is, then it'll encourage us to be mad

We all ask what more can we give?

In utter despair, I'll tell you what: it's to live

When we say "God forgive me, I have sinned"

We don't know who's lost the battle and who's yet to win

They say every heart has something to say

And most of us know it won't ever get its way

Most of us know, though, that it's part of the day