Chapter 1- Paranoid From The Start

Did you ever get the feeling that you were being watched? Ok, not just watched but stalked by some crazy, lunatic man who has nothing better to do than follow a sixteen year old girl home. Creepy isn't it. Now just imagine me, Chloe Isabel Spenser, in this situation. Little me walking down a deserted street on a cold winter's night, not to mention with snow heavily pilled before my hazel eyes. On top of that, my dark brown hair whipped across my face making my sight completely useless and my panic level rising to its extreme. I can guess you can say I'm the paranoid type. Always have been and always will, so I'm clarifying this case under the worst nightmare ever folder.

Yes, all the excitement and fun of that night really had been rushing to my head and for the first time in what seemed like forever, I had time to stop and think. Note the sarcasm. Let's see, my 'perfect' night started when my boyfriend of two years dumped me for one of the school's blonde bimbos, right in front of the whole junior class may I add. Also, the fact that I needed a ride home must have totally slipped his mind because I was left stranded at some party in midwinter without a car. By the time I actually reached a phone, I was out of luck. It was dead. And that's just one of the many reasons I hate storms and storms hate me, but I won't bore you with nature's undeniable quest to destroy me.

So there I stood, shaking and boyfriend less in about two feet of snow. I could hardly see what was happening in front of me too, but decided in the end to just keep walking. Only did my fear levels start to rise when I heard a twig snap behind me.

I froze in my tracks completely, still in this small ally with a rapist and or stalker behind me waiting to attack. What are you going to do Miss Spenser? A) Run like hell or B) Be carried to somewhere in North Canada, raped, beaten, and forced to work as a stripper at some rundown shack for middle-aged men eventually committing suicide because being pregnant for the forth time has made me look fat, or fatter than I am already. Since death is my biggest fear, choice A was pretty much the only way to go. Quickly I made a break for it, which by the way is awfully hard in thick, heavy boots. Behind me I could still here the sounds of the man, but didn't dare to turn around. Don't do it Chloe! As I ran, I rapidly looked back to see a shady figure a bit taller than six feet which is the world compared to me being only five six. His hair appeared jet-black, but other than that, the man's face was hidden in the shadows. Unfortunately due to my absentmindedness, he took the awe as an opportunity and ran straight after me. Told you not to turn around.

Finally I picked up the speed and reached the end of the ally. The main street was just as dark as the small side street, yet seemed more open and safe due to the excess amount of snow. I stuck out like Santa in July on the white blanket. Knowing this, I glanced back at the man daring him to chase me where a common townsperson could see, but surprisingly there was nothing. No signs of life or a man. 'Was it just my mind playing tricks on me?' Became a question on my mind and I continued my treacherous journey home with one more fear. This would not be the last time I was haunted with the memory and past of this stranger. No. This was all just the beginning.

"Chloe! This better be the last time I have to tell you that table four needs silverware plus I think the table over there needs a waitress." Waitressing is your life. You'll never amount to anything. Now try drilling those words inside the mind of a teenager and see how she likes it. Growing up with a mom that owns the greatest, not to mention the busiest, pizza joint in town has its ups and downs. For example I have to take orders and slave over a hot stove for at least five hours a day, but hey, free pizza. Spencer's Pizza Delight is like my second home. "Chloe now!" My mother yelled from the other side of the counter.

"Ok, I'm going." I retorted back bitterly receiving a dirty look from her in the process. Sometimes I think my mom brought home the wrong baby because not only do we not look alike, our personalities are opposites as well. I am the quiet, shy girl who no one really cares about, while my mother is not so much quiet. I wouldn't be astounded if she secretly had joined the army because it always seemed she spent most of her time belting out orders to everyone and anyone. And when I said everyone I meant me. Because my father died when I was too young to even remember him, I have no brothers or sisters to suffer with me in this misery. That is unless you count stepsiblings thanks to my mother's wonderful choice in men. In this family the step makes all the difference. Maybe that's why she was so pungent, too many kids and no love life in the slightest after her new husband died three years ago, too. I cringed at the thought of it.

My glare left my mom and switched to the table I was supposed to serve, Rachel Picket and her crew. That's just GREAT! Let's just say Rachel didn't hate me, but if she knew I existed I'm sure she would. She stood for everything I loathe. Her fake eyelashes were a bit too long, breasts a bit too big, and mind a bit smaller than a peanut. Rachel was one of the popular girls we all love to hate and wonder why they are worshipped so. Oh and her gang, just as bad. Nothing but a bunch of Rachel copies who ate, slept, and breathed just like the new Ms. Hilton. I'm pretty sure the two cronies sitting to the right and left of the princess names were Joy and Kat, then again their names could have been something more like slut and whore, but I have to check my yearbook.

Across from Rachel and the 'others' sat three of the many jocks or as I like to refer to them as Rachel's pets. Well at least they act like her dogs, following the girl around twenty-four seven. These guys weren't the hard on the outside soft on the inside guys either like in the movies. Come on do you really expect another 'Cinderella Story?' I slowly made my way over to the round table in the middle of the room, dreading talking to the six. "Hey, what can I get you?" I smiled sweetly at Rachel in hopes she wouldn't recognize me from school.

I'll have to thank the God's later because she didn't. "Um ya, get us a large pizza, half sausage and half cheese only without the cheese, sauce, and crusty edge part." Why doesn't she just ask for bread? "Oh and hold the grease." I couldn't help but roll my eyes at her dietary choice, but nodded waiting for the others to speak. When they didn't I thought maybe something was wrong.

"Can I get anything for you guys?" I questioned giving them a crossed look.

"No, but can you please change that outfit. It's blinding with its ugliness." The Rachel's twin to the right said with I broad smile plastered on her fake face. The group burst into high-pitch laughter, all except for me. I stepped away silently while the 'populars' giggled at me. The uniform wasn't that bad. No, it's definitely not a hundred dollar outfit from Hollister or American Eagle, but seriously not hideous. Anyways, what's so bad about a plain black T, a pair of faded, ripped jeans, and a short, pink skirt apron?

I reached the back of the counter where I hung the order on the side and stared at my new made enemies. I merely said two sentences and now I'm at the top of their stay away from the freak girl list. That really made me feel a whole lot better. It's like nine on a Friday and I'm here serving those higher on the high school food chain pizza. Fun. I sighed and placed my elbows upon the bar followed by my forehead on my hands.

It had been exactly a week since the break up and at the moment, Aaron, my Ex-boyfriend, was doing just fine, leaving me to cry in the pain. I thought I loved him. The key word there is thought sweetie. Shut up. That is no way to talk to your alter ego. Thanks for the help…not! If I didn't have to work, I would be at home taking a long bath, spilling my guts in my diary, and eat cartons full of strawberry ice cream. Your favorite ice cream makes everything feel better after a harsh breakup. Well at least I think that's how it works? Aaron's really been my only love so far. "You ok?" A deep voice asked as I jerked back tears and raised my head.

Immediately I saw a pair of black eyes staring right at me. They didn't even seem real. More like my imagination concocting these perfect round pools of darkness. In the center it seemed that they were deep purple. "Wow." I accidentally muttered. Nice one Ms. Obvious!

Mr. Hottie eyes seemed to have heard my comment because he smiled and winked at me. "What's wrong?" He asked eyeing the fact that I was now whipping tears that had come close to dropping. I shook my head as to saying 'nothing.' He smiled again which almost made me melt. The guy had to be at least eighteen no doubt. His black hair matched his perfect eyes and lay shaggy down his forehead, making his hotness stand out even more. Never say the word hotness again. Every feature on his face was perfectly positioned and would make you sink. In high school statues, his look comes closer to fitting that of a skater. "Oh, really. It doesn't look that way?" There was a short awkward silence before he spoke again. "Relationship troubles?" How did he know that?

"Um, ya. Do you want anything?"

I search my apron for a small book and pencil. "Just a Pepsi." I placed the order pad back and turned to pour his drink wondering why this guy was even paying any attention to me. I am no looker. Of course, I'm not unattractive; just not drop dead gorgeous like him. Did I just think that? Yes you did! You sure? Positive. Psh, great. More guy trouble. I snapped the nozzle and pop began flowing out of the machine. "Kind of surprising to see someone like you working at a place like this." I didn't know if I should take that as a bad thing or a good thing.

I shut the faucet off and handed him his drink. "Why not?" This after all was my mom's place so I guess you can say I kind of felt like it was part of me. I mean the shop wasn't all that bad.

I just stood there for a moment the constant smell of pizza in the air, but what do you expect. He pulled out a dollar and handed it to me.

"No, it's just you don't like the type to get down and work with pizza. Hardcore stuff." He kept a straight face while saying this but eased it to a grin and I did the same. "By the way my name's-" Ding!

"Chloe, go." I turned to face my mother who didn't seem happy about me talking to someone of the opposite sex. Don't know why she likes to kill my happiness, but there, off to the side sat Rachel's 'bread' pizza and I sighed knowing I would have to go give it to her. Therefore that meant going back by the 'populars.' Hotness guy or evil blonde? I thought I couldn't say hotness. You can't…but I can!

I picked up the pizza and headed to where Rachel sat not before muttering a 'hold on' to Mr. Hot eyes. "Here." I said plainly and slammed the circular pan on the table.

Out of the clearing! "Hey, pizza girl." I turned to come face with a brunette jock that was defiantly on steroids. How did I know? Well the fact that his arms are about ten times bigger than my legs. "Don't you go to our school?" Crap.

I looked down, as if a portal would open and stuck me down. That would be better than it is here. "I'm not sure. I don't even know what school you go to." Yes, Chloe that is real clever.

Kat…or Joy, I really forget, opened here mouth and spat, "I've seen her before. I think I copied off her test before." And when was this!?!

"Really, I'd think I'd remember a face that retarded." The table burst into laughter again, while my face went completely red. I wanted to walk away but something stopped me.

Mystery guy was standing right behind me, his face full of anger. To bad I walked right into his chest upon turning. "Hmph, I think I've met you before." He pointed to Rachel. She smirked at him in amazement and shot me a glare that read 'see I just stole your friend.' Someone is full of herself. "No, actually I would have remembered someone with that bad of a boob job." This time I couldn't help but giggle. Rachel and her followers glared sharply. "Come on, let's go."

The guy pulled me out of the restaurant so fast it was probably impossible for my mother to even see. Oh, I would get in trouble for leaving early later. We stepped out into the coldness and I shivered due to me only wearing a t-shirt. Note to self- Before running out with a hot guy remember to bring a jacket. "Where we going?" I asked as he ran down the street, his hand in mine. Yay, he's holding my hand. I saw a smirk cross the guy's face. After all this I still couldn't believe that I had no idea of this dude's name?

He pulled me around the corner completely ignoring my question. "My love please be patient." He said as he slowed to a stop in front of a small shop. My love? Isn't that what everyone says in the 1600s? I shivered not at the weather, but at his voice. Something was different. He knocked lightly upon the wooden door and it swung open. Swiftly we entered the dark room. I stained my eyes to see, but all lights were out and fear began to rise in me along with other feelings in my stomach. I bit my bottom lip hard, hoping not to let out a scream.

Suddenly, a candle was lit and the shadow of a man appeared on the wall in front of me. Memories of the night I was being followed flashed through my brain and I stepped back away from the man I just met. "You were the one following me the other day." I spoke up, although my small voice stayed shaky along with the rest of my body. From what I could tell, the room was small and had no hiding places. Even with the light all that I could see was the stone, gray floor.

"Yes, that was I." Panic was rising in me even more so and I really wanted to head back for the door. I inched cautiously toward in hopes he wouldn't notice. "Oh, don't try that love." Did he just do want I think he did? "Yes, I'm reading your thoughts."

"H-how?" I took a step back and his hand reached for my arm. His grip was tight and even though I struggled, he didn't let go.

"Because Chloe, I am a vampire." Not even five seconds later I felt two small objects on my neck and I began to struggle helplessly. No, I would not die tonight. My body must have thought otherwise because everything started to fade black. I was slipping into an unconscious state just as he pulled back. "Don't worry princess. I would never kill or turn you." That's when I fainted.