My Definition is in He

I am from a house

filled with 'the bottle',

drunken parents,

and a lack of role models.

I am from tear streaked faces

and blood stained hearts.

I am from smiles and laughter

with cherries on top.

I am from beauty and shards

with secrets entwined.

I am from 'play dates' and tag games

with friends by my side.

I am from make-overs and hair ties

with the fanciest dresses,

to baggy t-shirts and jeans

and no cares about messes.

I am from playing with fire

at least in a way;

Cause this is my metaphor

For times I disobeyed.

I am from receiving lots of A's

And summer days on the swings

with my eyes closed,

fearless of other things.

I am from balancing the curb

Difficult it was not;

I am from walking on the monkey bars

All the way at the top

And despite where I'm from

This is not who I am today

For all this piece tells you

Is my old ways

For neither my life's hardships

nor my life's prosperity

Are the things that will help one

truly define me

For there's only one thing that matters;

Only one thing that completes me.

For I was saved by Christ,

so my definition is in He.