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Two figures are frozen still; much like the air in the room. Silence is all they hear. Then music starts to play. At first, the music is slow; as are their movements. Twisting, Turing, flowing, graceful. They were moving with ease. As if there was no one there; they are in their own little world. Then the music changes. Now their dance was powerful, strong, fast, yet still graceful. It is an art form they have mastered. Together. They are two of the best, yet no one knew who they are.

They were new team at seniors. This being their first year at the level. They had surprised everyone by entering the season with a bang. They won the Southwest Pacific Regionals easily. The mystery started then. They always wore masks never reveling who they were. This was three months ago. Now at Nationals, they threatened to upset the champions Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto.

The music stopped, as did the dancers. To the dancers, the world came back. And the world loved them. The girl simile at her partner. He smiled back. Through the tremendous applause, they made out their coach yelling in joy.

They bowed to each side and skated off. Their coach smiled as she handed their gards to them. A "runner" walked up and presented a small stuffed bear to the girl. The girl smiled in thanks. She and her partner and coach moved in to an alcove to await the scores of the dance.

"The scores for Ice Snow and Dark Waters (the two smiled at the aliases) for the Free Dance: tecnical: 59.34 artistic: 64.94. This places them in first with a total score of 196.92 points"

Ice hugged Dark and then their coach. They left the "Kiss & Cry" to watch Belbin and Agosto skate. And skate they did. Belbin and Agosto ended the program with 202.88 points.

Tanith Belbin came up after and congratulated them "You did very well for this being your first year! I hope to see you at the Four Continents championships."

Ice responded "Of course. We would not miss it! We will see you at worlds to, we hope."

Tanith said "Don't worry; you will. Are you going home?"

"Yes, we are. We have school. We leave in the morning." Ice sighed.

"Well then, we will see you at Four Continents!!!" She ran to her partner.

"See ya!" Ice called. Tanith just waved.

"Are you ready to go back to your normal lives?" the coach asked.

"Are our lives normal?" Dark responds.

"No, but that's what we love about them!!!" Ice yelled.

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