To Love A Poisoned Heart by Rose Red


It wasn't all that hard to get into the building. But once we got inside, I figured out why. It was like a labyrinth of halls. We split up, each going in a different direction.

As I sped down the hall I had chosen I began to wonder if there was any security at all. There was nothing here. Only the stone of the hallways. I kept going. After a time, I began to see doors everywhere.They were all the same, and when I stopped to try and open one, I found that it was locked. The others I tried were locked, too, and I figured it was pointless to break in.

Soon I met up with Rasen. "Bloody humans playing games with us," I said. "That's the point." Rasen replied. I suppose it was the point. Samael had warned us. But he was the one who had sent us on this mission. We had to obtain the chemical recipe and all living specimens of the virus so that we could destroy them. As well as the scientists who had created it. The virus that would slowly destroy a vampire's nervous system before killing it. Of course, it had no effect on humans, our mortal enemies who had created this abomination. They must have expected something like this.

Barely five more minutes passed before Rasen and I found ourselves in the middle of the "labyrinth". It was only a space surrounded by the many entrances of the maze. One by one, the other three members of our team showed up.

"All the doors are locked," Xander stated. "Really?" I said sarcastically. Xander rolled his eyes at me. "I broke into one of them," he said. "But it only had boxes in it."

"I broke into another, but it seemed like just a cleaner's closet." Aisling said. We stood in silence for a few moments before Rasen spoke up in his soft voice, "Valkyrie said that the humans are playing games with us. He's right. It must be some kind of puzzle." Rasen thinks everything is a puzzle. He likes mind games, what can I say?

"Hey, mates," Sein said, wariness in his voice. "Does it seem...cooler over here?" Aisling stepped back to the entrance of one of the halls, then stepped forward again. "You're right," he told Sein. Rasen knelt and put his hand several inches above the floor. He smiled. "There is air coming from the floor. These humans are clever. their lab is beneath the building."

"So how do we get in?" Xander asked. Rasen moved his hands to the sides as if following an invisible line. He continued to move his hands to the side, then forward. "This is the entrance," he said. "It's a trapdoor."

"How insanely clever," I said. "An invisible trapdoor." Rasen just blinked at me as he slid his hand down the middle of the floor. His hand seemed to catch on something, and he pulled open the floor to reveal another passage below it. Sometimes I wonder if Rasen thinks in puzzles.

One at a time, we all dropped down to the underground passage, Rasen closing the trapdoor behind him. "You'd better remember where that is," Xander told him.

The walls of this place were made of some type of metal. There was only one hall. We raced down it to our left. Barely a moment passed before we saw humans. They looked to be gaurds, and as soon as they saw us coming, they pulled out their guns. "Split up! Don't let them hit you!" I yelled.

We had been a team for 207 years. We knew each other's fighting styles. The gaurds were dead almost instantly. We left them and continued. The security became thicker further along. We left none alive. The smell of blood began to get to me, and the others, too. "Keep your heads clear! We have to find where they keep the virus!" I yelled.

"Val!" Aisling warned. I looked ahead to see an older man carrying some sort of tray step out of a sliding door in the wall. I was going too fast, and I slammed straight into him. The tray flew out of his hands and shattered on the floor. We all knew what it was.

I stood and looked at the man I had crashed into. He was maybe in his 40s, and wore glasses over his purple eyes. But the strangest thing about him was his green hair.

"Who are you?" I demanded. "I should ask the same question," he said. "I am Professor Zarres." I sucked in my breath sharply. Professor Zarres. The creator of the virus.

He began picking up the pieces of the tray. He had no need to worry, for the virus would not affect him. Two men, wearing a different outfit than the previous gaurds, came running toward us from the other end of the hall. "Professor!" One called. The professor's head snapped up. "Professor, those are vampires! Don't just stand there!"

The other gaurd whipped out a gun and began firing. We dodged as best we could. This guy had good aim. If it had been a normal gun, we would have been fine. But these guns contained bullets made with raw forms of the virus that would temporarily paralyze us, long enough for a human to kill us the old fashioned way.

The first guard managed to push the professor back through the sliding door. The second one slipped through the entrance before the door closed.

"Damn!" I cursed. "What now?" Xander asked. "We need to keep going," Aisling said. "Well why don't we just break down the door?" Sein asked. "They are most likely expecting that," I growled. "We don't know what they have waiting on the other side." My teammates nodded. And so we continued.

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