Emperor Valerius was a man of many twisted pleasures. The Senate was often targets of his complaint as he wrapped his arms around me, whispering of how silly the men were to challenge him, son of Silvanus and ruler of the land whom gods and goddesses alike had blessed with his arrival. His arms were muscular from duels but held a bit of fat from his fine meals that he demanded every lunch and dinner, spent with a new guest each day, and almost every time I was called upon to serve him, and him alone. There were different servants for his guests.

The last guest he entertained was a woman who gladly found comfort in his offers of food and company. He'd kissed her lips with her mouth full of fresh wine which she had taken from him. He then took her accordingly, and she made much more noise from their place by the table than she had speaking around her food previously because she had not wanted his advances but dared not tell him no. I watched, a silent servant as always, incase my master were to call upon me. He had, but only after his wife was found to have hung herself from a tree during his dinner partner's noise.

The master has not wished to leave my side since. He runs his fingers through my hair and kisses my lips, fondly offering words of how much he would like me to take him just as he took the girl the night before now. I smile and kiss him chastely upon the lips, something I know he enjoys, before pinning him back against his bed, adorned with dry flower petals for scents. He whimpers when I take him, only to find himself lost in obvious pleasure later, moaning just as loud as the woman from yesterday. He promises me as he wraps himself up in my warmth that he will gladly return the favor I have given him, as if I am a woman, and he kisses me gently upon the lips before falling asleep against me.

I am not sure where to go, so I sleep at his side, his body wrapped in mine. When he awakes, I lean timidly to kiss his face and whisper a good morning. He smiles at me and squeezes me about the waist, his hand sliding up and down my hip. "Good morning, Cassius," he says in a tired hum. His lips connect with mine, and then he smiles. "I had a spectacular dream while I slept. I dreamt of a beautiful new bride despite a class of lower birth, a huge party of welcome, statues erected in honor of their sheer beauty carved and blessed into perfection." I smiled at his content face before he kissed me again, pressing me hard into the blankets. "Be my wife."

"But master," I stuttered as he slide his hand down my stomach, "how shall I do that?" His hand began to stroke hot flesh, making me squirm. "I am… happy to please, mi'lord, but I am not sure h-how to be a wife."

"An empress, at that, and how many women would be jealous? Why, all of them, and they will wait upon you hand and foot, shower you in jewels, and treat you as my wife, and so shall I. I see only one problem with this chose of mine," he says as his hands surround my shaft, a wicked smile leaking out onto my face as I'm tilted back against the sheets.

"Yes, milord?" I whisper in a shaky breath, letting him do with me as he pleases. He smiles and leans down to kiss the length between my thighs before he laughs. "This will have to go."


I swallow back the pain as I lay in on the bed provided to me. My breath shakes as beads of sweat fall down my face which I continually have fanned by the servant next to me. She smiles sweetly as she fans me, another servant adorning a wet cloth to my head. "Lady Cassius, are you not well?"

Lady, what a terrible title for a man, I believe, especially since I am just a slave as well. I sigh out, my breath trembling as a third girl offers me water which I gladly accept. The second girl uses what's left to apply more water to my face, and I squirm. "Must you three worry over me?" I manage out in a faint whisper as footsteps ring down the stone hall. One girl tells me that this is the emperor's wish for me to be taken care of until I'm healed, an irony, I believe, since it was he who caused me pain.

I lift myself towards the noise, wincing at the movement of my thighs which makes pain slide throughout me. A small child, Emperor Valerius's child, stands before me with a wide smile on his face. He creeps forward and presses a hand to my knee with a big smile. "My father says he's going to marry you, Lady Cassius. That means you'll be my mother."

"I suppose," I answer, smiling back at him only because I don't want to offend the young master. He gives a laugh.

"We're going to have a big party, too! I like parties. I hope you make a good mother," he chimes before leaning forward and kissing my cheek. "You must if Father wants you."

He offers me a brighter smile, and I can't help but think that he'll make a fine husband one day as he trots off. "I think he likes you, milady," one of the servants comments as he leaves, and give a sigh as a wave of heat rolls through my body once more, forcing out a groan from between my lips making water slide across my skin in response.


Valerius slides upon the third finger of my left hand a ring before he slips our hands together. He smiles at me, having directed me to act like the lady he had decided to make me for his party or else I wouldn't killed for disobeying my lord. My hand stays connected to his as he takes me to a theater production. He is to announce the start of the play, one he picked to be preformed himself, and he takes me with him, thrusting up our connected hands into the air. "Good ladies and gentlemen, on this fine day, I pronounce to you my engagement to Lady Cassius."

My face is burning as my other hand knots into the hip of the dress I was forced into, sending bracelets jingling upon my arms. I swallow back a noise before curtsying to the coward in a wobbling mock of a lady before saying the words my lord has asked me to announce, words of loving consent for marriage, before his lips connect with mine. He asks the play be good for his new lady, and the racket of a usual production gets louder as we make our way back to his seat within the amphitheater.

All the while of the production, mock satyrs running about upon the stage, his eyes remain on me. His hand drifts over to stroke beneath my eye as he tenderly whispers, "My beautiful wife-to-be." I do not question him as he pulls me over and presses another series of kisses to my lips, drinking much wine all the while and laughing heartily from time to time when an amusing line drifts from the production of more than likely worried actors, scared of the emperor's dissatisfaction. I keep my lord as pleased as I can for their sakes, and they live.


My mother stands before me, knotting the wedding belt upon my foot-length tunic. She shakes her head and reaches up a hand to stroke my hair. "Cassius, my son, you really don't have to go through this. A husband must be fourteen!"

"A wife must be twelve," I reply bitterly as she tightens the knot. "After all, the nation knows he made a woman of me."

"And so he has if you cannot even bring yourself to stand up to him and make him wait – let him find a new pray."

"You wish me tortured. Is it not bad enough I'm now a gelding?" I complain as she slides the red veil over my head, woven with the bouquet of flowers I picked out as is tradition. "And besides, at least I offer my own dowry to milord and Father does not need to think upon it." She hugs me briefly before placing another flower into my hair.

"I do not like him, Cassius; he'll kill you one day. You're still too young. You're thirteen. A boy can't defend himself at thirteen."

"Perhaps," I reply as she puts another flower in my hair, "but in a year you would have me wed, and in the very least I'll be thrown into nobility."

"An empress for a bed is not noble," my mother chides. "Nor will it make you adult or wise!"

"In a year I'm a man and if I was a woman then I'd already be an adult!" I complain.

She shakes her head at me. "In a year, you're a woman, same as you are now."


My lord and husband releases the knot upon my belt as I declare the formal lucky phrase of marriage, ringing up cheers. The people all are excited about the extravagant expected festival, even neighboring rulers having come to join in what is to be a week long festivity. The wine and foods flow more than I've ever tasted, and my mother is invited to eat at my side, the emperor upon the other holding up strips of bread and meats for me to eat from his fingers. He runs a hand over my face and kisses me so hard my lips achieve and swell, showering me in affection that continues to make my mother shake her head in shame.

His hand strokes my knee before he suddenly pulls me to my feet. I wince at being pulled before he leans forward and wraps arms around me, holding me against him as he brought another reign of kisses down upon my mouth. "Dance with me," he orders, and though I am unfamiliar with his dance steps he gladly teaches me even though I'm horribly at learning.

My foot catches on the hem of my dress, and I fall into his arms. He holds me against him and I blush as he delivers another kiss before laughing. "You are most definitely falling into the right place," he growls into my ear, and I feel my face grow hot as he holds me against him. "Next time, let us hope you fall into my bed."

I stutter as the thought makes me shake before smiling up at him. "If that is your wish, milord, if that is your wish."


The craftsmen have a variety of statues of my husband and I. My arms are laced with his and I stand at his side, silent as he likes, while he scans over them. His eyes stop at a marble cut statue of himself with a chiseled form unlike his actual own and endowments far beyond the truth raised up in proportion with the large form of the stone version of my lord. A wicked smile crosses over his face as he runs a hand across the hip of the stone before turning to me. "I shall take it."

The artist eagerly accepts his pay as the statue is ordered to be moved into the home of my husband, the pompous grin upon his face making me feel sick as he orders the statue to be sent in private. I can only wonder what lecherous thoughts are fleeting through his mind as his eyes flash between the statue and I, making me feel awkward before he presses another kiss to my cheek.


The emperor pats his bare chest and I rest my head upon it as he aims to steady his breath within the bed we share more often than I desire, though I admit there are times were I desire him and any touch he'll offer me it is rare even though I am not an unwilling lover. He runs his fingers through my hair like usual, a feeling I've gotten used to, and I sigh against his skin. "Cassius, you know I love you as my wife, correct?" he says, and I answer him with a simple yes, inviting him to continue. "Would you be willing to do anything to please me?"

"Yes, milord," I answer instantly even though my heart feels as if it has been replaced with a cicada's wings.

He does not cease to ask me questions. "Do you love me as a wife?"

"Yes, milord."

"You love me and would please me?"

"Yes, milord."

"Do you know what pleases me?"

"I don't assume, milord," I whisper, turning to look at him. Curiosity and fear rush through me alike as I catch the smile on his face, the same sin-soaked smile of before. He squeezes the top of my arm and the smile widens as his hand caresses me.

"Then, my love, I hope you understand my next fancy."


Valerius presses kisses along my jaw that make me squirm uncomfortably as we stand before the statue my emperor bought. He rubs my arms tenderly before stepping forward to the marble which has cloth adorning it in celebration. Torch light flickers off the marble face that towers over me, shaking me in flickering black and red.

My lord scales his image and removes the jewels about his throat to wrap them around the statue. He kisses it's cheek as he peels off the statue's clothes before smiling down at me. "You wish to please me?"

"Yes, milord."

He motions his hand before lacing his fingers about the statue's endowments. "Then please me."


Pain rings throughout me as my master wraps himself against me like a contented cat. Blood pools between my legs, but it is not the worst pain I have ever felt. Somehow, I am satisfied that he is despite the pain and embarrassment caused from my train of servants who have to clean my blood off the white marble.

"Your dress is stained with blood," he whispers with concern. "Shall I call a medic, my love?"

I shudder in his arms before he kisses me again. "I'm fine, milord."

"As you wish, milady," he returns, his nose burying into my ear. "We shall bathe tomorrow, and you will feel better." I nod, hopeful, as his lips meet mine. "Our play was fun. Perhaps we shall do it again."

"Milord, it pleases you, and this I am happy for, but I – "

"You do not wish to do it again?" he asks, sounding disappointed. A frown crosses his lips and his grip tightens upon me. I blush from being scared into silence. My body shakes, causing him to tighten his grip so much that my chest aches with the pressure of his disappointment.

"No answer?" my master says in a bitter tone. I can't stop the frightened sob that pops from my lips before I cry. His expression softens only slightly with my tears as he begins to kiss them away.

My lord's voice drops as if he truly were speaking to a crying woman. "Relax, sweet, I will not force an answer from your lips when your tears tell me no. I won't betray innocent tears; perhaps I'll find someone who will not cry to please me in your stead."

The emperor rubs my back as I shudder again. Somehow, I do not want him with another lover.


The young master, Marcus, sits in my lap as servants decorate my hair. He twines his fingers into the jewels of my dress, a smile on his face as they gleam. "Mother?" he says in a curious tone before looking up at me. "Father says you were crying the other day. He said you were unhappy as my mother." His eyes swell up a little with his tears. "Will you really leave me like my other mother did?"

"Only if it pleases your father, Marcus, will I leave. Why are you so sad that I… I may 'leave'?" I shiver as he hugs me. I know Master Valerius did this to persuade me to do what pleases him, or making me fear more than I already do. I fear now that he'll kill me if I make his child cry.

"Because," he says with a wide smile suddenly, "I like you. You're not as sad as my real mother was." I pet his head as he lays that head onto my chest. "I miss my mother," he whispers before breaking into tears. I hold onto him as he sobs. "Don't leave me, too!"

My heart cracks as I hold him as tight as I can, but my arms have grown weak since I have been forced into being a mock woman. His tears streak the cloth at my chest before he raises his head. I kiss his cheeks, and he tries to bite back his tears like a man would do as he looks at me. "Fear not, young master."

"Call me son. Call me Marcus," he whispers again, a hopeful look lacing through his eyes.

"Fear not, son. Fear not, Marcus. I wish to please your father so I do not have to go." I hear a laugh, and lift my head to see a grinning Valerius in the archway to my chamber.

"Remember those words, Cassius. A mother would not abandon a child after giving up such words," he says, eyes flashing with a wicked glare as Marcus holds my torso in his tiny arms.


Two gladiators, a dimachaerus and andabata,fight below, sending noise of pain and flying swords up to where the masters and I sit. Marcus watches with enthusiasm from his place upon my lap, and his fathers leans over, making commentary to his child on a warrior's form from time to time. Master Valerius laces his fingers with mine as he watches the fight with amusement, having told me previously he is routing for the dimachaerus thanks to his wonderful from with his two swords. The andabata falls from his maimed horse raising his finger in defeat. The dimachaerus holds up his swords as the crowd begins to cheer for him, and the emperor rises up to give his signal, allowing the man with the fallen horse to live as the crowd wishes from their cheers, both men being rather famous fights amongst the crowds.

Emperor Valerius turns to me with a wide grin. "That warrior has good form. I believe he has earned his freedom with this fight. Why not go free him, wife, and give him the honor of a kiss from the empress." I feel heat rush to my cheeks as Marcus looks at me, asking me if I can walk down with him, something Valerius agrees to.

My finger knots with Marcus's and we descend the steps, lesser Romans moving out of our way. The warrior turns his head as we descend while my lord begins to speak. He calls out for a guard to fetch a special wooden sword that is meant to show the gladiators glory as I set him free. The sword is already ready once I reach the bottom of the steps, and Marcus grins up at me as we walk forward to greet the winner. "Congratulations," I say with a smile. "My husband is pleased. And what is the name of the new free man?" I hold up the sword to him, and he falls to his knee respectfully, lifting up his hands to accept it.

"My name is Juvenal, Lady," he says, and Marcus leans over to smile.

"Mother?" Marcus says looking up at me. "Can we throw a party for the warrior? Please? Father would enjoy it."

I feel my hair flutter in the wind as I look up at Valerius. I turn back to Juvenal before smiling and kissing his cheek as I was asked, helping the warrior to his feet. "I suppose, if it pleases him."

I already know that a party for this warrior would mean statues, and though I am yet to act again upon the emperor's desire, I know it will be forced upon me soon.


Juvenal is treated like the free man he is, the ceremonial wooden sword slung at his hip next to a pair of daggers that he'd used to fall the horse. He laughs in a drunken state over a servant girl and grabs at her, while the emperor draws near to hold me. Marcus running around with a servant woman as well, while everyone hums, walking around several statues brought to stand in the archways of our home. Master Valerius kisses me from time to time, and we dance as if we are a happy, normal couple.

Many girls stand around me, whispering how much they'd like to be in the emperor's arms with his handsome face, and I feel myself swell up inside when I find him curled into one of those women. I wish to scream as I turn, knowing I can't say a thing. Juvenal reaches out to grab my arm, and one of the servants who are meant to protect me hits him across the face. I spin and call off the guard just as the dimachaerus slits his throat. The blade is wiped off onto the man's clothes before he turns to me. "I was just going to say you look upset."

"You shouldn't grab me," I scold, feeling a little like a woman as I grip the cloth of my skirts. "It's improper. I'm the emperor's wife."

"Ah, true," Juvenal says as his eyes move over to the emperor. "He's not a very faithful husband, hm?"

"It isn't well to speak of your own ruler in that cocky tone, either," I snap at him, feeling hot and cold and like I'm going to burst into flames. A god has struck my heart and causes me pain. "What makes you think you have any bit of right to question him?"

"You're a bit dull for a man, aren't you? Do you really think you're a woman?"

My shoulders swell and I glare at him before turning to walk away. "I'm not just a woman. I am your empress."

My hope is merely that I am not dead.


I hear the emperor and whore panting together, him whispering her fortune for her obedience. I bet she'll ride the statue as he wanted of me, a fate I didn't like, but somehow I can't stand he'll let her please him when I want to. The two of them laugh as he begins to lead her down the torch lit hall, but I step out from the shadows and grab my emperor's wrist, falling to my knees to kiss his feet. He falters and looks down as I look up. "My love, I won't let this woman take my place!"

I feel tears fall down my cheeks, and he pulls me to my feet before wrapping arms around me. His kisses presses against my hair as the girl look thoroughly upset with my arrival. I glare at her through bitter tears as I hold onto my husband. He holds me and kisses me once before asking if I finally give in to him. I nod and he sends a glare to the woman. "Your services are no longer needed."

She looks feral as she storms off, not a word spoken verbally but hundreds radiating from her in her wake.

It's then he leads me once again to the statue.


Valerius laughs, having returned form a visit with prophets. He twirls the bone of a bird between his fingers as he looks at me, smiling, telling me of new ideas for games that have crossed his mind, a new way to play with gladiators who he fears rebellion from in the future to make them as submissive as myself. He tells me he won't be cheating, that we'll hold power over them together, starting with class and working into bedroom until all revolt is tired from them.

He holds me as he drops the bone onto the floor with a clatter, and I can't help but to think as he tells me of exactly what the plan is that Emperor Valerius has always been a man of twisted pleasures, but I will always be his wife.

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