Summary Edan, an emotionally barren demon slayer, must tear down the mental barriers that he has placed between himself and the rest of the human world to train Caleb, the new recruit, a seemingly average teenager who possesses extraordinary abilities.

WarningSlash, het, rape in first chapter only, swearing

Genre: romance, supernatural, angst

Okay I changed little things in the previous chapters to make the school have a uniform (white shirt, grey tartan skirts for girls and grey pants for guys, a black blazer, black shoes) just so this chapter doesn't confuse anyone. Also, I know that the perspectives are mainly in Edan's but at the moment he's my favourite, cause he's not normal (he's angsty too), while Caleb is (Well at least until the plot unfolds further).

And a big thanks to Amy who helped with the fight scene at the end!

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Cinera: Thank you for the story comment and the slash one! Yeah I've read some pretty bad demon hunting stories, and I'm really scared mine is going to turn out like that, like horrified scared. Where they go demon hunting like once or twice and they're all completely beautiful and perfect which doesn't make sense for what they do. So I'm trying to make mine kinda normal, except Edan (he's as you say; hot XP), well ANYHOO! Woot to lesbianism and here's the update!

Tainted Blood Lust: BLEACH RULES! But I really, really, REALLY, didn't intend on it turning out like that! But now that you have me thinking about it, they're a lot of similarities, in characters too, I feel so bad now, but I think that a writing technique no? Where you take sources from all over and adapt, I wouldn't have a clue I left my book in my locker.

Slurpee, Taz, Amy: Thank you!


"Are you sure?" Ryder asked sceptically. "It could have been an extremely dark purple" he reasoned.

"No! I'm right and you know it! When you're extremely powerful it goes darkest in the middle. When you're reaching the second stage, you get a different colour on the outside. The black was on the outside and you know that only demons and total psychopaths have black in their souls! And I refuse to have either of those on my team!" I snap, keeping my voice down so the others didn't hear.

I probably should have waited till I could be completely alone with Ryder, but I needed to get it out.

"Look at him Ed, the boy isn't either of those things, there has to be a logical reason for it" it was my turn to look skeptical. "Look, he's powerful, and apart from magic control, he's already trained. The council want him okay? Just keep an eye out; if you find five things that prove your theory, then I'll do something about it."

"Isn't seeing his soul enough? There's something wrong with him!" I hiss, Ryder glares.

"And I'm putting you in charge of finding out what it is!" Ryder yelled, my eyes widen. Ryder was laid back about everything, never got angry (except for that one time). I nod, ashamed. He sighs, looking guilty. "Ed-" without continuing he pulled me into a hug. I rest my head on his chest, hearing his heart beat calmly. It had been awhile since we had done this.

"We heard-" Ren, Cane and Caleb burst into the room, pausing when seeing us embracing. We pull apart quickly, standing away from each other awkwardly.

"What was that?" Ren asked, sneering as she folded her arms across her near non-existent chest. "It seemed kind of…emotional" I scowl. Damnation. Using my statements opposing emotion against me.

"Well to me it seemed kind of…physical" I snarl. Never mind that she was right, as long as she didn't know it.

"Well anyhow! We have stuff to do! We must go order Caleb's weapons and slaying jazz, and get Ed enrolled!" Ryder laughed…a bit too loudly.

"My weapons?"

"Slaying jazz?"


Cane just raised an eyebrow.

"Indeed!" and with that, Ryder walked out of the door and into the living room. We follow, shaking our heads. "Okay, first stop HQ's weaponry. Ed take Caleb"

"Why do I have to teleport him?" I ask, outraged. I had just had a whole conversation on how I was wary of him!

"That or take Ren" Keep your enemies closer. I grab Caleb's hand, teleporting us both away. The last thing I see before metal blades came into view was three broadly grinning faces.


The cheerful high had faded when we had entered Edan's room. The two males had had their arms around each other, hugging with familiarity and tenderness. But the cheerfulness was back when Edan's smooth fingers intertwined with my slightly calloused ones.

I glanced around, the blades lining the walls were shinny and unused, all were thick and heavy looking like Cane's. The smooth fingers slither out of mine. I look at Edan, the blonde had whirled around to face the counter directly behind us.

"You always know where I am, don't you?" a woman in her late fifties stated as she stepped out of the shadows behind the bench. Her greying hair was pulled into a bun and the lines around her lips and eyes showed that she either smiled or frowned a lot.

"Gran" Edan stated coolly. The other three appeared, facing random directions. She smiled (that answered the earlier question) and pulled Edan into a tight hug.

"Don't 'Gran' me boy, I'm not as old as I look" she scolded lightly.

"I know, you're older" Edan replied. The woman laughed and hit him on the shoulder causing the blonde to roll his eyes.

"Look at you, being all cool, oh and who is this? You were holding his hand, is he your new lover?" 'Gran' asked, pulling me closer and inspecting me thoroughly.

"No he's not!" Edan snapped, but the lady appeared not to have heard him as she yelled;

"Jak! Come see Edan's new lover!" she turned to look at the dark doorway in the corner, where she had emerged from. A young man emerged, longish red brown hair pulled into a long ponytail, and hefting a war hammer over his shoulder. He smiled largely at us. Placing the bulky hammer on the counter he moved over to Edan and me, pulling us into his broad chest.

"Well aren't you adorable!" He cried out, he matched Ryder in loudness and joyousness.

"I already told your aunt, we are not a couple!" Edan growled, pushing against the beefy arms holding him in place to no avail.

"I'm lost," I mumble, Ren and Cane nod in agreement. Edan's arms drop, accepting the current situation of being held against a muscly chest with his shoulder crushed against mine.

"Gran, over there is the weapons designer, and Jak is the maker, Gran's been doing this for awhile, and is the one who designed all the rituals on my sword" was what the blonde stated.

"What do they mean by new lover?" Blurts out of my mouth, I blush furiously. Edan raised an eyebrow.

"There was a minor thing with Jak here" the blonde remarks. Ren's jaw drops.

"Yeah, I never thought big and burly was his type, apparently it was something to do with my ponytail" Jak affirmed.

"So that's why you went out with Mark! I always thought he'd be too scrawny for you, but he had a ponytail" Gran chuckled running a hand threw my scruffy dark hair, pulling it back. "Oh look, he's nearly got one! No wonder he's your new lover" the old lady cooed, I frown, 'no wonder'? What was wrong with me that only my hair could be liked?!

"He's not my lover!" Edan yelled.

"In that case…" Jak released me, grabbed the blonde completely and hoisted Edan onto the counter top. The five of us watched in silence as Jak stood between Edan's legs, pulling them flush up against each other. They looked at each other dazedly, faces inching closer. My stomach tightened.

Just as their lips were about to meet, Edan raised his fist and punched Jak in the jaw. Jak reeled back, clutching at his jaw, Ryder and Gran started laughing and clapped him on the back.

"You do that every time, so I'm going to hit you every time!" Edan cried.

"I don't believe this! Edan has more experience with guys then I do!" Ren exclaimed.

"That's not hard" the blonde retorted, slouching slightly in his spot on the counter.

"Now I'm lost," Cane mumbles.

"Well you see, when Edan was younger and not totally cold, he had a very slight thing with Jak here and Mark the previous smithy aaaand-" Ryder was knocked of his feet by a gust of wind, looking over at Edan I see his eyes fade from silver to blue.

"Never thought you'd pass wind while indoors," Gran cackled. "Now, what can we do for you?" the woman stated, her smile fading.

"We need a fencing sword for Caleb" Edan remarked.

"Fencing? But that does piercing damage, and slashing is more effective against demons, he'll get slaughtered" Jak stated frowning.

"He's more practiced with a thinner blade"

"Thinner blades I can do, but not fencing" Jak stalked away, exciting behind the counter.

"Anything else?" Gran asked as she wrote in a book that she pulled out from under the counter.

"We're enrolling Edan back into school, he's got to take care of Caleb; demons are after him" Ryder answered.

"Well I stopped stocking uniforms along time ago, but I can still do official documents to get him in. Which school is he going to?"

"St. Denzel's(1)" the woman nodded and shuffled away.

"I don't recall agreeing to that. Why can't Cane and Ren continue doing it?" Edan glared.

"The demons after him are strong and there's too many, but I'll be with you every minute" Ren cooed, happy that she could finally be purposely pissing the blonde off most likely.

"Brilliant" Edan spat.

"Okay, well I'm going to have to record some of your details, we'll do it in Jak's room, you should still be able to remember where that is!" Gran stated, following the blonde out of the room.

"I have nothing against hurting an old woman!" came the angry reply.

"So…" Ren started now that the room was completely silent "Edan was a real man whore aye? Ren asked, attempting to be innocent.

"That he was. When he was no longer a noob but before he was an iceberg" at our clueless faces Ryder went "When he was fifteen and sixteen. He had too many cuts to take his misery out on his body, so he took it out in other bodies and sweat and…well you get the point"

I shift awkwardly, first wishing that I had been around a year earlier, but then I just felt uncomfortable talking about the blonde's personal life. I distract myself by looking around the walls. Allowing myself to be caught up in the designs on the sword hilts, when I finally turn around the three were standing embarrassedly as Edan stood next to the counter glaring.

Before any commotion was started a cell phone went off. Edan pulled the mobile out of his pocket, had a one sided conversation and hung up.

"We'll come back tomorrow arvo, we've got a stage three at that factory on the end of Mitchell street, let's go" and with that, my hand was grasped and everything was fading again.

Then we're on the pavement in front of a large building which was separated by a chain link fence. Without a word Edan was scaling it with experience, closely followed by Cane. Ren who lacked that kind of skill just pushed the gate, pulling the chain locking it to its maximum length, then began to squeeze through the small gap it made. We walk silently but briskly up the loading truck driveway, not wanting to be seen. The light from the street lamps starts to fade the closer we get to the looming building which causes me to subconsciously move closer to the other three. My shoulders brush against Cane's arm and my hand sweeps by Ren's.

We reach the loading bay and Edan puts his hand to the door, with a click the side slides open. Having magic really has its uses. We walk in silence down dark corridors, stopping every now and again for Edan to disarm a security camera or precautionary devices. The four of us stop when the corridor lead down to different paths. We look back and forth between the two corridors, unable to decide which way to go.

"We'll have to split up" Ren stated forlornly, making Edan roll his eyes.

"This is so cliché" I mutter under my breath, but they hear anyway and small smiles bloom on their faces, well excluding Edan, his was more of a sneer.

"I bags Cane" the blonde remarks quickly.

"Yeah, 'cause that makes sense, send the most experienced off together" Ren hisses, looking around in case the demon was near by.

Then you three go off together to the left, I'm going right" and with that Edan began walking away.

"But regulations say that on missions you always have to have someone with you!" Ren cries out quietly, worry flickering through her eyes.

"Regulations are for noobs" his back disappears into the darkness. I look down our assigned corridor, windows ran down the whole length, lighting it with moonlight. I glance down his hallway again, you can see for a few meters and then nothing, darkness.

"It's been a minute, he can't have gone far, go after him" Ren whispers. I nod and walk into the black abyss. After a little bit my foot hits something solid and straight; stairs I realize. No wonder there weren't any windows. I slowly make my way up the stairs, feeling them, out with my foot. Finally I make it to the next floor, which thankfully had windows, and after the dark staircase it seemed to be flooded with light. A lot of light to prove that the blonde was nowhere in sight. I jog down the hall, hating the fact that I can hear my foot steps. Suddenly an arm is around my waist and a blade is at my throat. I freeze.

"I thought I told you to go with Ren and Cane" Edan breathes in my ear. I shudder.

"And they told me to go after you" I reply quietly, glancing uneasily at the arm near my neck.

"You move too loudly" the arms are withdrawn. I turn to look at the blonde. The blade had vanished and he was leaning against the wall casually. "I'm your superior. You listen to me not them" he says after a pause.

"I'm sorry…" I mumble and he shrugs nonchalantly "for worrying" he glances at me, his blue eyes curious.

"Worrying about me? You should worry about them. Or better yet; yourself. You just went up pitch black stairs, hunting a demon…unarmed" he remarks, his face a blank cold mask, but his eyes were laughing, mocking almost. He holds his hand out, drawing out his sword and handing it to me, smirk now in place.

Breathing reaches my ears, I look at Edan, who stared back, his eyes danced slightly and comprehension dawned on me, it wasn't either of us. And Edan being who he was, was happy about that…about killing? Whatever floats his boat I suppose.

I turn and look down the way I had come, the pitch black staircase. Eerie glowing red eyes were the only part of it that was visible. A deep grumbling growl echoed around us, a black claw came forward. It was wispy, like it was made out of pitch black smoke. Very solid pitch black smoke.

"Told you, you just walked through there, you would have been made mince meat in seconds" Edan tuts. I quiver at that thought.

I move into a defensive position, holding the sword out to my side, at the ready. Edan just stands back, appearing calm, giving me my space. It was a test run in his eyes, in mine it was staying alive.

The rest of the demon comes out of the shadows, it looked like a jaguar or tiger, only pure black, had glowing red eyes, sharp spindles protruding from its legs and a twisting tail with a scythe like end.

Suddenly the feline figure jumped from the shadows, running up the hall to us. Its movements were literally like fluid, as its legs kept melting into the floor below, but it didn't slow the demon down. With a final bound it landed in between the two of us. Edan dive rolled to his right to avoid the claws and had to scramble to move in time to miss the spindles as its front leg came back. I lunge forward, moving the thin blade through the air with ease, but the beast was too quick as it rippled into the shadows below the windows.

"Where's it gone?" I ask nervously, before the blonde could reply the creature sprang from the darkness once again, pouncing on the older male. With a grunt, Edan forcefully kicked the beast off himself, I maneuver behind the beast ready to come down with the borrowed blade, but once again the demon retreated to the shadows.

"This thing is a stage three, they're challenging, so you just need to stay on your toes otherwise-" and then I had the hulking weight of feline demon pushing me to the ground.

I struggle with the panther like demon. The creature was trying to rip at my face. I grab it by its jaws and began to retch at the putrid smell of the creature's breath. Edan quickly hauls the beast off of me, holding it by the scruff of the neck, still far to calm. I take the opportunity to slash at the demon. It mad swipe at me, its sharp claws shredding the side of shirt and made light gashes on my skin. I gasp angrily and ram the blade into its chest, the sound is sickening but I don't stop. I pull the bloodied blade back and Edan allows the demon to fall to the floor limply. It bubbles and smokes for a few moments and then it was gone, as though it never existed, but my side proved that not to be so. I sit back and pant lightly; looking at the sword as the demons blood disappeared in black fumes.

Edan drags me to my feet, his small sneer back in place, but like all the other times his eyes held a different emotion.

Another chapter done! Reviews would be totally welcome! Also, about the demons, so far they've been lower class and I've written them animalistic/as mutated animals. And I was wondering if anyone wants the higher classed demons to get a tad more stereotypical and humanoid, though to an extent of course.