Keeper of the Light
by: trista groulx

Keeper of the light,
Lend me please your torch
For I no longer wish to be,
Stumbling blindly in the dark
Keeper of the light, for a moment please,
Illuminate a path or two
For I know no direction to take,
All the choices are far too dark
Keeper of the light, I beg of thee,
I need to find my way
For so long your light eluded me,
So I of ask you only this
Keeper of the light I seek,
Your guidance, please
I do believe I've found direction,
But the path is far too dim
Keeper of the light please,
I beg of thee shine your light for me
For it is quiet impossible,
To find a way stumbling in the dark
Keeper of the guarded light,
All I ask is to shine my way
For I need your light,
To help guide my way