Hey! As with lots of my old lyrics on here, I went through and made this one a little better. At first I half-assedly gave up on it, thinking the lyrics were really kind of strange and old to be much good to me, but after I went through it and changed a couple things I remembered how strongly it resonates inside of me, and how it can also be pertained to recent events. It kind of gives me chills, a lot of my old songs I wrote not really understanding, and they're all seeming to apply to my life now, even though these were written two to three years ago. Anyhow, this is still one of my favorites, so enjoy.

Crimson Kiss

Red, lips part for the words...
For all the silence we never heard!
Did it change a thing? Does it mean a thing to you?
Another night I'll have to miss!
Your nonexistent kiss!
It's absence is all that's true!

I never thought I'd feel like this!
I never was an optimist!
I never had to force a smile,
When we laughed through agony!
Never believed in bliss,
Now I want your crimson kiss!
Maybe it could set me free.

Red, eyes cry for the way!
For all the things that I'll never say!
They'll never escape, my lips to get to you!
And I'm so oblivious!
To the taste of your kiss!
What if it's everything!?
I never thought it'd end so soon!

I never thought I'd feel like this!
I'm simply not an optimist!
I never had to force my smiles,
Though we laughed through agony!
I never knew this bliss!
Now I want your crimson kiss,
It's all that's left for me!!!

So whatever this is...
Whatever you wanted!
This dream is no way to live!
Do you think ghosts can be haunted?
Is love really dead?
Or are we just sleeping?
Can we wake up instead?
This half-life leaves me screaming!

I never thought I'd cry like this!
I never was that, worth it...
I don't have to force my tears.
As you finally turn and leave!
I never knew that bliss!
Never got that crimson kiss!
But I want to believe...
That you'll remember me.

Crimson kiss...
Death won't be so bad.
Because of you...
The girl I never had.
I'm so sorry I'm me.