A Product of Heartstrings

He was there, you know
Make no mistake,
Despite what he says
Let me tell you the things that happened.


"I'm going to make you beautiful now"
Was i not already good enough?
No, he had to alter me; each piece of flesh
Was never to be the same.


He took my beauty
And burned it into the eye
Of his beholder
"You shall see what i see"


He's the master of clich├ęs
And masquerades, and facades
He pretended to bleed for me
But instead he bled my blood.


I melted in front of him
(You can still se the stain)
But he left when he was finished
I was beautiful now , what did he have to gain?


I gave him not only my heart,
But my veins and ateries to match;
He only tangled them and got them them twisted
Then gave them right back.


The ring he gave
Yes, I let it linger
I only keep it
Becuase i could not get his finger.


He made me whole
By sharing his heartstrings
Took my beauty and burned it
He was never satisfied with somethings.


"You will see what i see"
I am only a product of what he makes..
"You will be a part of me."
Yet I am empty because of what he takes.


Armed and Unstable

On the floor

You lay beneath me

As I absorb

The beating of your heart

And the sound dissolves my fears.

Each moment goes by

And I continue to stain

Waiting for you to give me

A diagnosis

For my monotonous tears.

You move, softly

Pulling me up with you

You see the hole you left in my soul

And I apologize

For bleeding on your shirt.

You try to explain

But it's too late

No use trying to fill

Empty s p a c e s

Up with dirt.

I've got your heart in my hand now

No, I'm not afraid to use it

If you take one more step

(I'm warning you)

I'm armed and emotionally unstable.