Crush me

I don't mind

Crush me

(make it hurt)

Crush me

because I

crush you.

Aggie's pen hovered over the paper. She thought of adding another line to her poem, then stopped. It was perfect. Wiley liked things simple after all. His clothes (all solid colors), his food (salad, pizza, a doughnut for breakfast), his room (white, gray trim), and his girls. Aggie self-consciously ran a hand through her hair. Recently she had dyed one strand a bright magenta, contrasting her nearly platinum blonde curls.

Aggie sighed. She had been crushing on Wiley since first grade. He wasn't super popular or anything, but neither was she.

She walked to his locker and stuck the note inside. With a secret smile, Aggie looked around to check if anyone had seen. No one had.


What a silly word;

A word for breaking something.

That's what it is, after all.

Ignore me

and you'll crush

my heart.

Wiley's lips tweaked and he stuffed the note in his pocket. It was the fifth note that week and he felt like he was playing a strange game of tag.

He wasn't totally clueless after all. He had seen Aggie Beaver hanging out around his locker in her high platform heels, twisting her purple strand of hair around her finger like a girl who had Cupid's arrow sticking out of her heart.

Wiley smile broadened as he got an idea. On the back of the note he wrote;

Crush you?

Sweetheart, crushing

is something teeth do.

I don't mind teeth

(but I like lips better).

"No way, Ag'! He wrote back! Do you think he knows who you are?"

Aggie shook her head. Her mother, Mell, was grinning ear to ear.

"Go write a new letter at once!" Mell demanded, laughing like a teenage girl. Aggie wondered momentarily if that was a good idea but shunned the thought.

If it had to do with Wiley, of course it was a good idea.

Lips are fine

But (personally) I

like the boy they belong

to better.

Wiley let out a smooth chuckle at the note. Quickly he flipped it over.

Its time we end this game of words.

Crushes don't last forever.

They're just another word for the

caterpillar of the butterfly

called love.

Aggie—Crush me tonight, at eight.

Wiley was sure she'd understand.

Aggie swallowed hard, encouraged out the door my Mell.

"Crush him so hard he doesn't know what hit 'em!" She yelled as her daughter started the car.

Aggie got out at The Crush, a nightclub in the center of town. Wiley was lounging my the door, a cigarette dangling between two of his fingers.

Fear struck her like the plague.

"Hey," Wiley looked her over. Aggie knew he was thinking 'not my type'.

"C-C-Crush." She stumbled over her words, not knowing what she was saying.

Wiley blinked. "What?

Then the words started to flow like water from behind a dam.

"Crush me. Crush me like I crush the grass under my bare feet."

Wiley jumped right in. "Crush me. Crush me like a nutcracker crushes nuts."

They laughed. Aggie let out her breath. She suddenly knew that this was going to end just fine.

For everyone who has had the courage to send their crush a note. Which doesn't include me :)