Pandemonium Unnoticed

One day the sky fell down

and no one noticed( though pieces lay in huge piles all about).

Busy men did not see at all: Treading without caution

in, on, and through the slivers of heaven,

all the while smashing the bits to silver dust with their heavy black boots.

Pretty wives with porcelain smiles bustled about on their daily business

holding their gazes steady, straight, and level

with few darting gazes to steer around the heaps of sky

altogether surefooted in their steps.

Little children, in earnest imitation, followed just the same

pretending not to notice the befallen calamity,

though light glinted off the mirrored bits

blinding them if they dared look down in stolen curiosity.

Then one child( not quite like the others) lagged behind his ordered line,

stooping to examine one large piece at his feet.

His face reflected in the mirror smiled at the resemblance

and loosed a forbidden giggle.

A harsh chastisement sounded from nowhere,

causing the boy to drop the sky.

He cried out as the razor edges sliced his fingers,

screaming as blood dropped down onto the shattered fragments.

All at once the people stopped for only a moment,

Staring at the blood streaked child.

One wife dashed forward to comfort the child but no one else moved

until(when enough seconds had passed) they could move about on their business again.

Brave little ones whispered questions and concern,

Quickly shushed and steered ahead

Pretending nothing had occurred.