Eh I dunno... just a bit of a true life little romance blurb for the romantics. Enjoy hopefully.


I think I knew it from our first meeting.

He walked down that driveway, just smiling, looking like the coolest thing on earth. I'd been told he was single, and my 'radar' in a sense just kind of perked up, funny as that sounds.

But the second I first saw him... I think I just knew.

Honestly? I got more than a little self concious as we all stood in the driveway and I listened to them all talking about cars and other things I cant really remember, knowing I was in my daggiest jeans, a top that I was slowly sweating to death because of nervousness as well as the fact that the afternoon was a bit hot still. My hair was out, but it still had that chlorine smell in it, and it felt absolutely revolting since I never washed it.

Basically, I was a mess.

If I knew I was meeting someone I'd eventually fall in love with, I would have at least washed my hair and stuck on a nice shirt.

But... as the night wore on...he didnt seem to mind.

It was actually my first time ice skating, and I was more than a little nervous. I thought for sure I was going to fall on my ass about five thousand times. But... as I clumsily made my way on the outside of the rink, keeping within arms reach of the wall, I found I had company almost the entire time.


He stayed within arms reach of me the entire time, and every now and then he would take my hand and guide me around the rink when I was feeling a little more confident. Back then holding his hand was more or less to keep my balance, although sometimes now I do still stumble when I'm around him lol.

Just remembering back then, our first meeting, makes me smile. We were so different to what we are now.

We're so.. close, to put it simply.

I think back on our first date and I cant help but smile like a moron. It was a month or so after we first met. I cant remember exactly, so much went on from the time we first met til our first date.

We talked online for a bit, and he asked me out I think the second time we were chatting.

He picked me up at home, because at that time he knew where I lived, and we were off to the movies.

It was a sucessful disaster, to put it simply.

We didnt really touch, but then again it was funny when I did try to hold his hand. The seatrest between us was up, and during the movie I got up enough courage to give it a go. I grazed his leg and the bottom of his hand which was resting on his leg, then looked up at him, feeling my face turn hot.

"You can put the arm rest down if you want" was what he whispered to me, and I shook my head "I'm fine" and we both went back to watching the movie, me feeling like a complete failure.

It was later on I realised...he really had no idea what I was trying to do.

Sadly I realised this as we were having a... later dinner, which caused me to flip some of my food onto my pretty top. I managed to laugh it off, and he smiled and said "Its all right, I do that too sometimes"

Funnily I managed to do the exact same thing on our second date.

But... he didnt mind.

In fact he asked me to come out water skiing with him and his friends.

I never actually skiied then, but I did go on these inflatable tube things, and after that I was sore and choking slightly on lake water.

I remember after that we went up to the front of the boat and sat together, and he let me cuddle into him, wrapping his arm around me as we sped across the water. I think it was that moment I treasure the most, because I knew then I had found something so special.

This was someone I could call my boyfriend, someone who I could go out with and have fun with, and someone I could hold and kiss and joke around with.

There is still so much we have to learn about each other, and so much we havent discovered together, but right now.. its just right.

I still have to see him drunk, and he still has to see me cry, and so many more things I cant think of right now, but we've seen enough of each other, and we know enough of each other that we know its going to last a long time.

And right now... I know for a fact... I can feel it in my heart.

I love him. And I will for a long time.