It was the morning of the first day of summer vacation.

I had held a sleepover party the night before, inviting all the classmates from school.

It was around ten AM, and there were about six people left from the group originally invited. After locking the door, I moved back to my parents room, where I had slept.

I stayed there for a little while, and went to check on everyone else, who was still asleep. Slowly, I opened the door to my room, letting out the warm light as my gaze focused on a body laying on my bed, along with another smaller body against the wall sleeping as well. The bright light bore heavily through the curtains, lighting up the room entirely.

His eyes opened a bit, meeting me with a tired gaze.

"Hey," he said softly. I smiled.

After glancing at the smaller body under the covers, I walked over to the side of the bed and kneeled there. "How's it goin'?" I asked. We talked for a little while, when I popped the most randomest question to ever come out of my mouth:

"Can I kiss you?"

He looked at me confused, quirking up an eyebrow. "Why?" He asked. I shrugged.

"I dunno. Just to kiss you, that's all."

He looked at me another while. Finally his head moved in a slow nod. It wasn't an ordinary nod. It was extra slow, cautious, as if to say, "Very well then."

I blushed.

But, I leaned over, and kissed him anyway.

The "kiss" seemed to take forever, but we broke apart, and sat there in awkward silence. He got up without me noticing and moved off into the bathroom.

I walked out around ten minutes later, and walked around the house in empty thought. But as I moved back into the hallway, he stepped out of the bathroom.

My lips went to curve into a smile, but I froze.

It only took one more male body to walk out of that bathroom to make me realize that... he was gay.

The End.