Three, ten, 200, Z

Wouldn't that be twenty-three?

Or would it be 26?

Have you read the Inferno?

Do you know of Styx?

Well than I'm sure I'm making sense

You and I, we'll fight against time

And have a smoke

While holding a mic.

With the little red bike

Now I'm rapping

Hahahaha (last two ha's pronounced with long A's)

I'm so Dada

Has anyone else noticed the pleasantness

Of spherical objects?

We'll keep them around just in case

We want a change of pace

We have a change of heart

Now it's time for my ode to my icebox

I know I'm mimicking my friend

Well it's just because I love them

And my magical white coffin of replenishment

So please, so please, so please

Please allow me to explain my theory

The one with the jelly bean body

That there are two types of people in this world

Mouths and assholes

Mouths to eat all the shit assholes spew out

Humanity lacks ears to listen

Humanity lacks eyes, and a nose

We do have I's though

Most of all we lack hands

It's not a matter of doing things wrong

Just not doing a fucking thing at all

Idle hands lead to the genitals

And we know how much God hates that

So the assholes sit on thrones

And spew out shit for all the mouths

To gobble up.

Don't forget the broken

Watching from the outside

Because I almost did

I'm so sorry

I smell faintly