somewhere in this world.

if you had the wings of an angel

who would you risk your life for?

if you were one feeling

what would it be?

if you had no reason to be

could you stay living?

you, probably, hold your emotions.

I wanna turn back time

can you remember of us?

it was pretty all about us

you were my tear from my closed eyes

you were that beat from my heart

so I don't understand why did we fall apart

you were that smile I didn't know to share

you were my emotion I couldn't feel

so I don't understand what I did it wrong

maybe I loved you so much with my all.

wingless angels

somewhere in this world

wingless angels

searching for themselves.

if you don't have wings

and if I don't have wings

we will go on hand in hand

not so alone...

I won't return to you

I'd love you to give me a light in the darkness

but in this world with no angel

we don't have wings to fly away from pain

but we could try to smile a bit...

can you hear that weak voice?

there's a sad song playing softly

can you erase that poor feeling?

from the broken love.

we grasp desperately

the warm memoirs

that are like gray dream

we look for embracing

between the cold

but we don't get (...) but

the ending story.

I ever think, I can't paralyze my heart

we can't take the perfection

this world seems like it's crying

love won't melt that sad song

someday it'll become a harmonious singing

as bliss throbs in the deep fragility

I believe, wingless angels

someday we could fly together

one more time if you don't have wings

and if I don't have wings

love will be our wings to unite us

someday we would fly

one more time if you don't have wings..

let's promise the same future

to dream dreams we can never have again.