Upon a night so dark and stormy

The insects in the forests swarming

Raven sit upon their trees

A house atop a hill, they see

Girl dressed in shadowed wear

Crimson ribbons in her hair

Walk outside to stormy winds

And let your nightmares now begin.

A walk to left, a walk to right

So easy to get lost at night

Walk down a path you do not know

Somewhere where no one does go

To the gorge of nothingness

A blank and terrible abyss

Why did you come, oh girl of Life

Or are you here to start a fight?

From the shadows, air collides

For in it something fiercesome hides

Growling, snarling, from the crater

A twilit demon, annihilator

"Why did you depart from home?"

It says with deep and angry tone

"To be with you, oh scourge of Shine!"

The girl dances as she rhymes.

"Why join a demon in his slumber?

Quickly I must return under."

"No don't go, the Earth is poor.

My dearest plea you can't ignore!"

The crystal eyes glow with great might

A frightening, dangerous, new sight

A human wishes to be with beast?

Impossible and out of reach.