Frozen Fall


The silver-grey wolf looked out over the frozen land, stood on the newly formed ice at the edge of the waterfall. The whole of the river and water below was now frozen solid with the chill of near-mid winter. The frosty morning air drew out the white puffs of air that Shani, the middle-aged wolf, gave out. The previously green grass-land was coated in droplets of pure snow and frost, giving the effect of a suger coated landscape. The morning sunshine - although cold in its winter glory - spread over the whole scene, giving it an almost etheral look.

Dax, the small red fox, stood among the trees glancing at his surroundings, and finally resting his eyes onto the once-mother wolf. Stepping forward with a slight shiver running down his spine, he slowly approached the still waterfall.

"We need to find food, Shani. Come." Dax's soft voice floated along the silence of the valley.

"Leave her be, Dax. She'll be with us in a moment. Afterall, this is... well, you know."

The deep, yet quiet voice of Roan, the tiny golden-flecked bird, resonated across the air.

"It's alright, Roan. It is time for breakfast afterall. Come, we should be going," Shani interferred before yet another row between the two commenced.

Roan, Dax and Shani had been friends since the previous winter when Shani had lost both her husband and her only cubs. Dax had lived in a near burrow when he had tried to help. The two had met Roan flying around for food not long after.

Flying ahead, Roan twittered hungerily swatting to and fro looking for acceptable food, under the ice ridden forest ground. Dax dashed fruther knowing that their were very few animals that were not hiberating or were easier to get to without digging for hours. Shani gracefully followed keeping her eye out for anything that looked remotely edible.

"We'll have to head higher, Dax. Possibly to the cave entances," Shani observed. She felt slightly uneasy about the idea - as that was close to where she had lost her world - but survival was the most important thing right now. Dax glanced back at her.

"Are you sure about that?" Ha panted. All he got in reply was silence. "Well, if your sure..." Dashing faster, the small streak of red and white turned towards the rockfaces looming white, grey and deadly before him. "Roan! We're heading higher!"

A small twittering was heard as the two came closer to the icy rock. Leaping into the air, Shani landed skillfully onto one rock before leaping onto a second one further up. Dax had to take smaller leaps, but he followed as closely as he could. Roan flew above the two and waited for them half way up.

"There's something in the cave over there. I'm not sure what, but I know it's not as huge bear!" He quirked. This recieved a quiet laugh from Dax and a dry chuckle from the grey wolf, as they approached ever closer.

"Anything bigger than you is 'huge', eh, Shani?" Dax lauged. Shani nodded humoursly, as Roan puffed out irritatedly for a few seconds.

Coming to stand next to Roan, Shani looked back for the red creature to catch up while she caught her breath. When he arrived a few moments later, they both cautiously approached the cave entrance. Roan flew soundlessly in first and landed high up on a small rock edge. Dax slyly slid his way along the side of the cave wall, keeping to the shadows, while Shani walked like the predator she was straight for the small furry prey.

Sniffing the air, Shani let out a resigned sigh. "This thing has been dead for quite some time. And it's not edible. Or at least I wouldn't advise it." Dax huffed softly, his nose to the ground. They almost had something today. Almost.


"What the-?" Dax asked, his head swerving up, ears peaked. Shani followed suit, before she trotted swiftly over to the cave entrance, looking up.


"What is it? Shani? Shani?!" Roan squeaked.

"An averlanche. I'm not sure how high above us it is though." Her ears were sharp and her teeth bared. She did not like this one bit.

Huge mounds of white snow fell suddenly in front of the entrance-way. Darting back, Shani pushed Dax behind her, while she waited for the snow to pass. Dax slid to her side, with Roan twittering again from his perch.


"A boulder?" Shani muttered, unconciously taking a few paces back, nudging Dax with her. The said boulder came crashing down in front of the cave entrance, putting them into total darkness.

"Maybe we can push it away?" Roan asked casually.

" 'We'? You mean me and Shani," Dax grumbled.

"Alright, lets try pushing. Together...Now!" The two predators pushed with all their might, but the boulder would not budge.

"Were stuck. In here I mean." Dax observed. There was a small hole of light just big enough for a small creature to fit through. "Hey, Roan. Would you be able to fit through that hole?"

"I can try," and he did. The light was blocked as Roan wriggled his way under the huge, jagged rock.

Shani and Dax waited paciently for any results.


Summer had blossomed, and hunting season was well underway. Two native hunters approaced one of their favourite camping places where they would leave their nightly gear while they would hunt all day. When they arrived, they realised that the boulder would need to be moved. Carefully pushing the rock to one side, the first hunter stepped forward only to hear a small crunch.

Looking down, and pulling his foot up, the first hunter realised that he's just stepped on the tiny remains of a small bird. As only a skeleton was left, the two couldn't begin to decipher what type of bird it was. Letting out a small gasp, the second hunter pointed at the remaining skeletons of two animals. One bigger than the other, and on oppisite sides of the cave.