I can't eat this, I can't eat that

"Don't touch it dear, it'll make you fat."

No more chocolate, no more cake

"Oh, stop fussing, for goodness sakes!"

Why am I doing this? Why, why, why?

"Don't be stupid, it's 'cause you're fat silly."

Fat? I'm not fat you arrogant bitch!

"Chill ok; we'll have you pretty in a pinch."

I'm already fine in my looks and my weight

"Not to guys. You'll never get a date!"

Who says I want to date? I just want to be me

"Dating is the best, just wait and see."

If he doesn't like me now, I won't waste my time

"But dating's so lovely, so fun and sublime."

Maybe for you, but it's not my cup of tea

"I can't believe you're saying that! How can this be?"

I'll tell you how, if you'll shut up for a bit

"Whatever. I'll listen, just make it quick."

I won't change who I am just for a guy

"You wouldn't? Oh my god, why?"

Because it's not who I am, who I want to be

So now that you know, will you stop talking please?

I am myself, be that fat or slim

And I won't let anything change that, not even "him"

If he can't understand that one simple fact

Then he's not worth the effort and that is that!