Angel Cards


The cards lay gently upon my fragile hands

Passed from the owner to me for my demands

Shuffling and meditating until thoughts are cleared

And the question I want to ask the most appeared


I concentrated and drew a single angel card

This time my thoughts of him I did not guard

The angels have finally spoken loud and clear

That I must meditate on if I should keep him near


Questions regarding you begins to form

Another round of cards I started to perform

The angels admitted that you are my support

There for me when I need a friendly consort


Again, thoughts of you began to overwhelm me

As I contemplated drawing card number three

My hand reached forward and grasped the frame

We're meant to be friends is what it proclaims


Shifting my pensive thoughts from you to him

While hoping those angel cards will still be true

I chose another and turned it over with care

The angels believe he is my answered prayer


Am I forever destined to be caught

In the middle of a situation so distraught

And to live a life that might justly cause

Too many regrets, sorrows, and flaws?