Prologue: Caught Red Handed

All was still in Buena Vista Gardens, birds were asleep and crickets no longer rubbed their legs

together. A car purred into a driveway slowly and came to a stop. A woman stepped out and

entered the house quietly, a secret smile on her face. She walked through the house confidently

loving the feel of knowing exactly where each piece of furniture was. The woman stepped on

something; something she definitely knew was not supposed to be there. She picked up the piece

of cloth mystified as to how her usually tidy husband could have missed it. She walked to the

nearest window and held it up to the moonlight, the woman couldn't believe her eyes, she

wouldn't believe her eyes. This couldn't be true, he would never do this to her, this was not

happening. However, when she opened her bedroom door and turned on the light she realized it

was true, he was doing this to her, it was happening. The scene that invaded her senses caused

her eyes to change from their normal laughing golden to a flashing green, her hands clenched, her

jaw tightened and the atmosphere around her snapped with tension.

"You thieving, trifling, little bitch you could never see what's mine and leave it alone could you."

"Kaitlin listen to me I can explain." Kaitlin's half-sister pleaded as she jumped off the bed.

"Explain what?" Kaitlin shouted. "I'm pretty sure this is the whole story." She swept a hand

toward the bed. "It's quite obvious that you and my presently dumb husband couldn't keep your

hands to yourself while I was away." Kaitlin bristled at her husband when he moved to speak. "I

really don't want to hear your voice right now, as a matter of fact, I'll just leave you two love birds

in your nest. I'm sorry I intruded."