Chapter four: Help!

Raphael ran his hands through his hair with frustration. It was a week after the wedding and Raphael and Kaitlin were trying to make sense out the instructions Kaitlin's decorator had given her.

"This is confusing." Raphael grumbled.

"Amen to that." Kaitlin exhaled through her mouth and laid back against the couch.

"Of all times to get sick; a week before the event." Raphael stood, exasperated. Kaitlin stood with him.

"Didn't know event planning was so hard, did you?" Kaitlin smiled.

"Ha, and you didn't even warn me." Raphael frowned as he rifled through Kaitlin's music collection. Kaitlin shrugged and just looked at him as he went through her stuff. His sleeves were rolled up revealing strong forearms sprinkled generously with hair. He had taken off his tie and the first two buttons of his shirt were undone showing of a little smooth, hard chest. Finally it looked like he had found an album that was up to his standard because he put it in the stereo to play and turned to Kaitlin.

"Let's dance." Raphael smiled as he held out his hand to her. Kaitlin smiled back and walked into his arms, the wrap skirt she had donned swirling around her ankles. The music was soft and slow. Kaitlin smiled, he had picked her favourite album. They danced as if they were one person everything around them fading till it was only them and the music playing softly, sweetly wrapping them in a world sensuality. The lyrics of the song swirled around them.

You are the candle love's the flame

A fire that burns through wind and rain

Shine your love on this heart of mine, till the end of time

You came to me like the dawn through the night

Just shining like the sun

Out of my dream and into my life

You are the one(3)

When they finished dancing they stared at each other, then the next song on the album started to play. Kaitlin felt suddenly brave. Her hands started to caress Raphael's chest, her hips began to sway. She pressed herself against him and looked into his eyes. When Raphael heard the lyrics he smiled.

Can I touch you there

Touch you deep inside

Can I touch your heart

The way you touching mine

His hand came up and encircled Kaitlin throat his long fingers losing themselves in her cascading hair. His other hand made a journey from the V of her breasts, down her stomach and around her waist to cup her bottom causing Kaitlin to shiver. His gaze fell to her mouth and his lowered to an inch away from her mouth. Then he moved away and left a lingering kiss on her forehead.

"You're too special." Raphael whispered and with that he stepped away picked up his jacket and tie and left. Kaitlin stood right where she was her hands at her side, her body aching for him. Kaitlin collapsed on the floor, confused. She wondered what he had meant by saying she was special. She got up and looked at the mess and sighed. She was going to bed; this mess and any other mess could wait until she was fully rested.

The next morning Kaitlin arrived at the office late. Olivia didn't even spare a good morning.

"What happened?" Olivia followed Kaitlin into her office.

"Nothing happened Olivia." Kaitlin sighed.

"What do you mean?" Olivia shook her head.

"I mean nothing happened." Kaitlin held up her hand. "When I went to Suzette's wedding I found out that Raphael was the best man. So when the reception started he asked me stay with him ans I stayed. I told him he'd have to help with my planning if he kept after eleven.." Kaitlin stoppeda nd ran a hand through her hair.

"What time did you leave?" Olivia asked interestedly

"We left that place at one in the morning." Kaitlin smiled sheepishly.

"So let me guess he came over last night to make good on his promise." Olivia gave a short bark of laughter.

"Yeah he did and everything was going great until frustration got the better of us. Then he suggested we dance and put in my Michael Bolton album." Kaitlin leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes.

"He put in your Michael Bolton album! Go on!" Olivia was titillated

"Yeah. We danced and then I got bold and threw myself at him and guess what." Kaitlin stated.

"What?" Olivia almost shouted

"Just before we could kissed he changed his mind and pressed his lips to my forehead and told me I was too special." Kaitlin opened her eyes. "I like the fact that he thinks I'm special but, what the hell did he mean."

"Who knows." Olivia shrugged, "At least we know he likes you."