Chapter 7

Shireen looked up from her laptop as Marcus walked in and smiled.

"Are you finished for the day?"

"Yes, but Shireen do you mind cooking for one more tonight?" Marcus looked sheepish. Shireen sat up. "Who's the extra person?"

"Thomas." Marcus muttered.

"Thomas. Does he eat like you?" Shireen almost smiled.

"He's worse." Marcus smiled at her reaction.

"Worse what do you mean? You mean he actually eats more than you? Oh my, I have to buy groceries. Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"You distracted me?" Marcus lifted his shoulders until he looked like he had no neck.

"You'll have to go home with Thomas though."

"No problem. We'll just go over to my place and work up a great appetite.

Shireen shook her head and walked out to the car, waving at Thomas she put it in gear and left. She wondered what to cook for a man like Thomas, she called Marcus.


"Hello, Marcus?"

"Yes. Who is this?"

"It's Shireen."

"Oh, I didn't recognize your voice."

"That's obvious. Tell me, what is Thomas' favourite dish?"


"Good that's easy." Shireen hung up. She bought the necessary ingredients, went home and put the dish together of course adding her own secret ingredient. She smiled when the men came in with their noses in the air. They were making their ways to the kitchen but she turned them around and ordered them to bathe before they even thought about sitting at her table. She laid the table and leaving everything covered went to wash up.

"What's for dinner?" Marcus asked as soon as she came into the room.

"Lasagne. Of course." Shireen smiled.

"I'm sorry I put this on you so suddenly. It's just that you're such a great cook and I wanted Thomas to share that with me." Marcus smiled.

"No problem. You're lucky I like to cook though but next time, give me at least a day.

"Are you really cooking lasagne?" Marcus grinned.

"Yes. Why?" Shireen frowned.

"Well Thomas claims that no one can cook lasagne better than his mother."

"We'll just have to see about that." Shireen laughed. She changed her top and tied up half of her hair. They went into the dining room to meet Thomas already seated and waiting to be fed.

"We've kept you waiting haven't we?" Shireen smiled.

"No it's just that I smell lasagne and I couldn't help myself."

"Well then let's eat." Shireen smiled and took her seat. "Hand me your plate Thomas."

"With pleasure." Thomas looked as she uncovered the lasagne and smiled. "Marcus, from the smell of things you really won't exaggerating."

Marcus smiled. "No I wasn't." He handed her his plate. Shireen filled everyone's plate then turned to Thomas. "Okay taste it and tell me what you think." Thomas took a deep breath and looked at Marcus. Slowly he took a bite and his eyes widened. Shireen smiled she knew the flavours burst into his mouth and then instantly blended together to give a smooth, pleasing taste. Thomas licked his lips.

"Don't ever mention this to my mother but I do believe she has been beaten." Thomas smiled. "Marcus you've got yourself a fine woman."

"I know that." Marcus smiled at Shireen and she blushed.

The meal came to an end and Thomas sat at the table patting his stomach.

"Honestly Shireen I thought Marc here was exaggerating about your cooking abilities but I must say this is the best lasagne I have ever tasted." Thomas grinned.

"Thank you and I'll make sure not to tell your mother that you told me so." Shireen smiled.

"Well I think I'll go hit the sack." Thomas yawned. "Leave you two lovebirds to yourselves."

"You read my mind." Marcus looked at Shireen his eyes smoldering.

"Well let me come and lock the door behind you." Shireen rose and followed
Thomas out. She closed and bolted the door behind him. She returned to the dining room and began to clear the dishes, she looked at Marcus.

"Are you going to help or just sit there and lick your lips?"

"I don't know it depends on what you want help with." Marcus smiled his eyes already stripping her.

"Clear the table Marcus and you're rinsing." She ordered.

"Yes ma'am." Marcus chuckled. They worked together and by the time they were finished they were both soaked and so was the kitchen floor.

"Shireen you little wretch I'll get you for this." Marcus growled after he got good bit of water splashed in his face. Shireen slid out of his reach and darted towards the bedroom with Marcus on her heels. They landed on the bed in a tangle of arms and legs. There bodies melding together as if it were an ancient ritual. Marcus held Shireen's flailing arms in one of his. Shireen looked up at him and the look in his eyes made her quiet. He head came down and he kissed her, his tongue delving into the sweet nectar that was hers. Shireen melted against him then suddenly she pinned him to the bed and straddled him. She stood over him and slowly removed her top, her shorts and underwear followed soon after. Slowly she lowered herself to straddle him again. Her hands trailed along his arms to eventually to lock fingers. She kissed him long and deep. Her lips then made a trail to his ears her tongue darting out to lick the soft bit of flesh. Her hands made a path that her lips then followed burning Marcus everywhere she touched him. Finally Marcus could take no more he pulled Shireen up against him and changing positions he came on top her, his mouth wrecking havoc wherever it went. Tenderly he took one of her already hard nipples in his mouth and lavishly suckled, spending equal time on each breast. His hand travelled down her abdomen until they met the soft hair between her legs. Slowly his fingers entered her readying her for his entrance. She undulated against his fingers her ardour rising higher and higher. With her head thrashing and her body heaving Marcus positioned himself between her legs and he surged forward filling her deeply and wholly causing her to buck against him. Marcus moaned as her muscles tightened around him. He moved in her stroking her deep and hard. Shireen moved towards him, grinding her hips against him. She cried out his name arching up towards him rubbing, gyrating and crushing herself towards him. Marcus groaned pressing her against the bed and together they reached their peak of ecstasy and soared each crying out to the other. Marcus collapsed on top of Shireen and sighed. He rolled to her side and stared up at the ceiling stunned; he had never experienced anything like this before, Shireen was incredible. He turned to see her staring at him. He smiled.

"That was incredible, you are incredible." Marcus smiled hugging her to him.

"I thought as much." Shireen muttered totally satisfied. She snuggled up to him and soon the sound of slow, even breathing was the only thing to be heard.

Shireen stirred and wondered what had woken her out of her deep sleep, and then she realized that someone was knocking on her door. She looked at the bedside clock and it showed the time to be 7:00am she froze wondering if it was Carl. She woke Marcus with a shake. His leg and arm that were splayed across her body tightened and then relaxed.

"What is it?" Marcus yawned.

"Someone's at the door and I'm afraid it might be Carl." Shireen looked at him her eyes wide. The name Carl woke him up sufficiently.

"Well let's go and check." Marcus got up and pulled on his boxers. Shireen nodded and pulled on her robe and walked down the stairs behind him. Marcus looked through the peephole and stiffened.

"What the hell is she doing here?" Marcus frowned.

"What? Who's she?" Shireen looked at him.

"It's Stacy my ex-wife." Marcus grimaced. "How in the world did she find me?"

Shireen shrugged and the knocking started again. Marcus opened the door and Stacy flew into his arms.

"Oh Marcus I'm so sorry I've been such a fool could you forgive me…"

"What? Look, woman pull yourself together and get off of me." Marcus growled. Stacy froze stepped away from him and looked at her surroundings her gaze fell on Shireen.

"Oh my, I didn't know someone else was here." Stacy watched her attire and something flashed in her eyes but was gone in an instant.

"That's quite obvious. Who are you?" Shireen's face was blank but her eyes were a stormy blue which was the only indicator of her anger.

"I'm sorry my name is Stacy-Ann Reid." Stacy stuck out her right hand. Stacy's startling blue eyes focussed on Shireen's face. Stacy's tall, voluptuous figure was the kind that caused men to just stare. Her mass of curly blond hair which had earned her the name 'Goldilocks' as a child, was now the secret to her good fortune in her modelling career.

"I'm Shireen Barone." Shireen placed her left hand in hers. Stacy froze.

"You're his wife?" She turned Shireen's hand and stared at the rings. "But those are the rings he gave me." Stacy turned to Marcus but Shireen spoke first.

"You're the ex-wife then?" Shireen frowned.

"Yes I am." Stacy turned back to her.

"Well these rings are only temporary. The way how things were last month we didn't have even a minute to go and select rings." Shireen smiled up at Marcus who was now standing at her side. Stacy looked at him.

"How long have you been married?" Stacy asked. Marcus looked at Shireen and smiled.

"We were just celebrating a month when you knocked." Marcus answered.

"Oh well in that case I'd better be going. I wanted to talk to you Marcus but I'll come back later." Stacy turned to go.

"You can come back after lunch then we can talk." Marcus locked the door behind her and smiled at Shireen. She looked at him and then they both started laughing not knowing that Stacy was still on the other side going green with jealousy.

"You seem to be very territorial." Marcus smiled.

"I suppose so. After her little display it was probably instinctual." Shireen smiled.

"Since we're already up what are you going to do today?" Marcus rubbed his hands together.

"Well there was this book I've been meaning to read." She shrugged.

"Okay. Well I have some stuff to do on my van then I'm going over by Thomas and work up an appetite for lunch."

"You don't want breakfast?" Shireen frowned.

"I've lost my appetite for the moment." Marcus smiled.

"I understand but you might want to put on some clothes before you go outside." Shireen smiled. Marcus looked down at himself and grinned.