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Todd and Kikibe have been enemies for life ever since junior high. Nothing unexpected from a delusional blonde homie and a noble, perfectionist thing called a prefect. The whole I-hate-you-you-hate-me feud could have gone on longer…until they got themselves lost and alone in the virgin jungles of Thailand during a school educational trip.

Chapter One: Wiping dirt off each other's asses

I could have taken the most beautiful nap, ever. I swear. But that idiot Kikibe had to tip Mr. Blanchett, who happens to be conveniently half-blind, off.

"Out you go, Mr. McDee," He shoves a Parker pen into my forehead. I scowl and push his ugly, old hand away.

"You've got to brush up on your classroom performance," Kikibe says in that ever-noble tone, glaringly, as I brush past his desk. I show him the finger and shove his chair with the back of my leg. He sits on it firmly and it doesn't move. I still remember how he used to squeal "Teeeeeeaaacher, Todd is harassing me!!!!!" when we were in third grade, whenever I did that. Unfortunately we did go a long way back, me and the wimp. As sworn-enemies.

Not that you're any better than me, you freaking Jap hypocrite. You're just putting on that goody model prefect show so that you get to lick the teachers' asses, I say to myself as I shuffle out onto the corridor, ignoring everyone's annoying stares.

"Tut, tut!! Get back to your worksheets now!!" Mr. Blanchett's voice trails out. I give a big yawn and stare at the tinted window opposite the corridor.

So. Todd McDee. You're blonde, VERY tanned, and –gasp- you have long hair! I touch my hair, silently feigning the squeals of the junior girls every time they pass by. And you're beautiful! I mean look at you. Blue eyes, thin lips. And man!! Those are killer piercings you have on your ears. What, you're unsatisfied with six? Totally. You should get another one this Sunday. Then that brunette from algebra class will stop commenting on your shortness and finally pay some attention to you. Yes, sadly, you're short. But you're also the only white homie in Gallors, which happens to be the hottest black gang in town. Isn't that cool, or what?

I suddenly feel some kind of evil Asian chi directed at the back of my neck. I swing around to meet the death glare of Kikibe. He turns back to face Mr. Blanchett while brushing his right ear lightly.

Okay, so I can get a little self-conscious sometimes. But now, I sigh, now, you're being wasted on by the spectacled, prim-and-proper Mummy's boy Japanese bitch Kikibe Kamiya.

I observe Kikibe, bored. He's tall for an Asian, short for a non-Asian. In fact, he must be around the same height as yours truly. His hair is jet-black and dry; it sticks up at the back, like a cockerel. Eww. And his fringe keeps getting in the way of his nerdy spectacles, so that he has to frown and push his fringe away every nanosecond, haha. Also he wears a tweed suit to school (I mean it. SERIOUSLY.) and he's not even rich! I know because he lives two blocks away in some kind of apartment with hoards of other Asian immigrants. One thing's for sure, though, he's smart. As in nerd-geek-smart.

And he's weird.

When we were in fifth grade I'd stuffed some maggots into his locker to get back at him for getting me detention slips five times a week till I missed my favourite midnight wrestling show because I was too tired staying up in school. He bawled his eyes out in front of my house the next day but did the same to my locker. He's an unpredictable, emo, sort of weirdo. Shivers.

There is a massive shuffling of feet and chairs in the room and I know Modern History class has ended. Touching the back of my neck with my right palm and with my left hand in my pocket, I stride back into class, carefully avoiding Mr. Blanchett as he walks out of the class.

I am surprised to see some kind of important discussion going on at the back of the class.

"Hey hey, what's going on?" I grip the shoulders of Jamie Duncan, the har-har crackpop of the class, pushing myself up and defying gravity to get a better view of the inside conversation.

"Nothing much. They're talking about that trip to Thailand. You know, the one where we're gonna see white elephies and jazz…" His focus is on the paper in Dillon van Homer, a twitchy, tiny fella's hands.

"Oh, I'm going. My dad called it outward bound." I smile and give a double thumbs-up to Katie Rose, a shy girl who happened to be watching me talk. She grins back. "And what's this?" I strain my eyes on the piece of paper that seemed to have tables on it.

"The list of who's going. I'll post it on the bulletin near the cafeteria before geometry," Dillon looks up at me and answers.

"Oh, cool—SHIT." I stare at the first name on the list. Kikibe Kamiya. This world is going to the dogs.

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