The Other Battle

As the sun sets
On another red day,
The opposing force
Kept once more at bay,

The cold chill that's born
Of the battlefield's din
Will beat its cruel fists
On the ramparts of the skin.

And it begs and it pleads
With a most canny art
To take over control
Of the mind and the heart.

Using as incentive
The facts soldiers can see
That the battle is won,
But the war's yet to be.

But though Sorrow may threaten
To invade the soul
A light can be seen:
A flickering coal.

A light that still burns
From a time long ago
When no boot-prints or blood
Stained the flawless white snow.

The memories of family,
Of friendship and love,
Of times before these
When we weren't bereft of

The simplicities of life,
So small, but essential
To feeding the heart's fire,
Revealing hope and potential

For the future, though now
Soldiers fear it's too late
Death has come and has gone,
Taking so many to its fate.

What cannot be lost?
Nothing. Most things are surreal,
But that which you no not possess—
That which you think and feel.

Beyond Sorrow's gloomy cape
Thoughts and feelings live on
They are all that you need
To create a new dawn.

So remember, sturdy soldier,
And relive the days
When the warmth of companions
Set your heart's coals ablaze...