Seclusion of the mind,

Isolation of the spirit,

Desolation of the body,

Reclusion of the darkness,

Retreat of the incentives,

Deprivation of justice,

Rejection of emotion,

Temporary insanity,

Non-existent vitals,

Distance and space,

Time and renewal,

Clich├ęs and unrealistic words,

Starting points and finishing times,

Seconds left on the clock,

Consolidation and unification,

Occlusion or reinvention?

Remembrance of pieces,

Gravity and sanity,

Sobriety and solemnity,

Rhythm and power,

Anarchist resolutions,

Sanctification and peace among all nations?

Popularity and hospitality,

Heartbeats on monitor,

Dissolving destinations,

Media control over innocence,

Hysterics and sanitation,

Third dimensional situations,

Paranoia of the age,

Indignation and rounding bases,

Fault and fear,

Losing hope,

False accusations and second chances.