A moonless night without any clouds
I look to the stars, and get lost in the light
darkness is all around me
yet I get lost in the light
you put me in a dark room
I will find the light and get lost in it
it's like everything else in life
I have to find the bright side of things
and point them out to others
others rely on me to be optimistic
and I'm sick of it
I look up and get lost in one star's light
that is slowly fading
I watch as it fade's out
I smile, thinking to myself
maybe this is a sign
it's saying I can be myself
the real me
that when you put me in a room filled with light
I will find the darkness
and get lost in it
I can look in your eyes
and see your sins
and get lost in your memories
that's just me
the fading star on a moonless, cloudless night