The boy who lived down the lane

Authors note: All characters in this story are used fictionaly.

Once upon a time there was a boy named James Darkly and he lived in a little town called Fast Pitch. There was a haunted house down the lane from where he lived.

It all started on a Saturday when he was walking to his detention at the school in Fast Pitch. He was walking past the house down the street from his and he happened to glance at the sign in the yard and it said for sale. He stopped and took a good look at the house and the door opened so he said, "hmm… some one must already live there." So he looked at the sign again but this time it said sold.

Later that day at about noon he was coming home from the school after his detention and he decided to stop and look at the house again and once again the door opened. So he walked up to it and he heard a creaking noise from inside. He turned around and ran down the block as fast as possible all the way to his house.

That night he was in bed and he heard some strange noises so he looked out his window, and he noticed that his room looked out right onto that house. He heard the noises again but this time he got scared because they were really loud. So he ran to his mom and dads room.

"Did you guys hear any funny noises?" James asked.

"No son you must just be hearing things," said Hank.

James said, "No I'm not come into my room and you will find out." They all went back to James's room.

James said, "Come to the window and listen." They did and nothing happened.

Hank and Lucy both told him, "Go to bed honey there is nothing going on." So he got in bed.

James said, "Good night"

His parents said, "Good night," and James tried to fall asleep. He was just about to fall asleep at about 11:30 and he heard the noises again. This time he got out of bed and took his pillow under his bed with him covered his head and went to sleep.