The next day James was on his way to school and he got just around the corner of the house and he took a look back at his house and his parents were taking off for work so he decided well its now or never and he started to walk to the front door of the house. As he got closer he heard the evil spirit laugh menacingly and say "You stupid little boy I will kill you with no problem." James wasnt scared he walked into the house and bolted for the basement door he ran down the stairs and he saw a casket. He ran over to it and opened it it was Milos body inside James yelled "how did you get his body you evil thing?" Well the spirit didnt answer and James yelled again " you monster how did you get his body?" This time the spirit came up behind him undetected and said "Well thats easy im his uncles spirit and you are now as good as dead to."

"Not if I can help it," James screamed and he took off for the door but the spirit was already there so he turned and ran for the nearest window but the spirit was there too he was multiplying himself some how and then as James turned he saw it there in a corner there were two mirrors and he ran over and smashed them both but to his surprise the one had a secret passage behind it. There in the middle of a room at the end of the corridor there was a podium that had a book on it James ran over to it and opened it. The book said inside it HIT LIST the first name on it was Milos then it said Hank Lucy and James then it said Matt and then Jake. Now this really startled James to see his parents names on it along with him and his friends but then he saw another corridor and he went to it and started walking but then the spirit started laughing and chasing him so he started running and petty soon he came to a ladder and he jumped and started to climb at the very top there was a trap door James flung it open and climbed out and he realized exactly where he was he was in Milos living room he took off for the door but right as he was going to go out side Dick was walking up the side walk James relized then it was get caught or go back and he chose to go back he shot down the cubby hole and shut the trap door he sprinted back to the basement of the house and there was no longer a spirit there so he left the house and ran to school to make it on time.