Dark Angel

always falling from the sky...
misguided and oh so contrite,
wondering if life can every change,
an angel who knew not what life is
but what it was
for an angel can always fall
oh so contrite,
oh so blind,
oh so there...

for love was never there,
and shall not be.

for there lay an angel,
dressed in black
ready to kill
ready to be silent
by her own grief.

there lay a dark angel
on my bed,
and with that moment

life stopped
and never changed

a dark angel laid still
and time was never more...

for what is life,
when death knocks on the door???

there lay an angel
quite contrary,
but life was never more stopped
and flowers didn't bloom no more.

my heart broke
into two,
and there lay
a dark angel,

and life never knew.

always falling from the sky...