You'd think that life was just a game,

All the drama, the laughs, the tears.

You don't realize how much it hurts,

When an irreplaceable part of your life

Is lost.

A person you thought'd be there forever,

One who's reliable, trustworthy…

Then they're just poofed away,

Not like a broken cup that leaves

A trace.

You think it couldn't happen to you.

Just to faceless people in an endless crowd.

Then when it strikes you wonder why.

Along with a million other questions

Never answered.

"How could this happen to them?"

You think to yourself amidst your pain.

"They'd never done any wrong,

Yet you took them away" you ask

Of God.

All that's left are a few correspondences,

Letters, notes, the occasional email.

Just paper (or pixels), nothing tangible.

You tuck them in a file, never to be added to


Life, death, it's just another cycle,

Going round and around through all of time.

But no matter what happens in this world, we know

That soon we will meet again, even if it is

In Heaven.