Eyes meet and senses cautiously waver.

As coverings are discarded, temptation increases.

Frost- bitten fingers hesitantly explore the wild uncharted topography,

Drifting over the silky softness of the chilled skin

Damp with frozen water. Purpled lips gently sucking

Attentive nipples numb to sensation, tingling warmth spreading rapidly.

Sapphire velvet quilt quelled underneath heaving bodies.

Flames of passion created by oceanic interaction of sensual spirits.

Conception of divinity embodied in love, consummated in cerulean bed.

Blue- black bodies entangled in sheets of sky.

Peak of anticipation ascended, climax now passed.

Cyan calm blossomed, breath of iced- cobalt.

Lightening- storm gaze greets Chernobyl green,

Meaningful glance passes between silence's beryl chasm.