he stared at her with something—
in his dark expressive eyes
(like he's pleading with her)
as he slammed a taut fist
into a nearby orange locker
(with something akin to hurt)
and he looked her straight
in the eye as he said;
(tenderly; softly; gently)
'i swear…
i swear on the moon that
i've never lied to you, love'

she wanted to touch him—
with the gentle caresses of her hands
(she wanted to kiss him)
and tell him that she believes in him
as her love grew just a little bit more
(she's afraid of deception)
but for him she's willing to take risks
as the last of her fear and uncertainty
(that darkened her already obsidian dark eyes)
faded away into a distant memory
signifying a new beginning for this love
that was given a second chance