We've been playing this game

for far, far too long.

The years have become timeless

filled with infinite wrongs.

The charm has all but faded

the front been realized.

But despite the evident signals

you still seem so surprised.

I had loved through X

and under the O's,

But it's the principal of mutual ship

that you never did know.

I loved you in vanity

and all though my hate.

Despite our fabulous shows

there were things we couldn't create.

This time there's no secret message,

no deadly intent.

My will has been so wasted,

my patience been spent.

I'm just professing to you

the truths of our amour.

You'll find someone else to help you shine;

I can't sustain you anymore.


I know that you are looking

yet, you always fail to see;

But the truth is in the open

not in the Y's or in the Z's.