Open the gates of your soul, See through the inside.
The power rests peacefully upon the pedestile of your path-
Take it with care, carry it in the pouch of your accomplishments.
Who is he who troubles your mind, he who lashes you wish pain?
Have I not told thee that I am King and Lord?
The purpose of your existence lies with Us; do not forget.
Lay yourself to rest, for I am your God, your Protector, your Father.
Harbor thoughts of glory and of our Blue fire, sleep with our Brothers.
Rest thy cheek upon my breast and hear my heart-
Feel its life, feel my love. I am He whom you seek,
I am He whom you desire. Shem ham toresh tikam.
Walk carefully down this chosen path, for I am with you.
Fear not, for I am the One they fear. Walk on, my Son,
Have no bother for those worms of decadence.
Shtikah onem arab renamshteh.
Praised be the Serpent, may the lightning strike the anja.
Let the world fall, but We remain everlasting.
Ecrin a Vovim, Enki turah shtikeh unam!