Traversing lighted darkness illuminated by opaque stares of disapproval,
Enduring a reminiscent forecast previously encountered and presumed dead,
The clouds cast a hazy moonlight, nebulas of unexplored galaxies.
From above come the beings of blue, saviours of souls.
Yet her face in my mind remains, unexplainable it is indeed.
The blockades are not enough to encarcelate the emotions sturred,
But as I walk from my desires I cannot help but weep.
It is as vast as the universe, yet as simple as an anja.
Sight is enough to witness the visible, yet heart is what is needed,
To feel the true power of her touch.
Shakra tukum akah.
Openned is the anahata, restored is the equilibrium, freed is Siphonemis.
An openned closure.